Personnel and Leadership Development

Migros actively supports the lifelong learning of its employees and enables them to enhance their professional and social skills on a continuous basis. In addition to occupational teaching and learning opportunities, as well as professional advancement possibilities, Migros offers a broad range of options for training and further training.

Career promotion

Motivated and competent employees are the best advertisement for a company and the basis of its success. That is why Migros promotes the skills of its employees in a targeted and effective way: career-oriented training and further training options are available to employees at all levels, from basic training through to directorate level. This consists of internal and external development measures, ranging from vocational qualifications to the teaching of management methods through to personal development as competent managers.

Further vocational training at Migros is skills-oriented and covers the development requirement with regard to specialist, leadership and personal skills according to the level of the employee. It focuses on the key skills needed by the employee and ensures that they meet the personal and professional requirements. Individual training and further training measures are agreed together with the employee's line manager during regular M-FEE meetings, which address employee management, development and remuneration.

Improving employability

Systematic staff development, paid further vocational training and support for personal development accommodates the personnel policy's objective of making employees more employable. To this end, specific measures are taken to enhance and broaden the skills of staff. Migros encourages its staff to take certified or federally recognised qualifications and uses the services of external providers alongside those of the Migros Club School. The further training of managers and trainee managers at higher management level is actively supported at renowned business schools and universities.

Further vocational training

Employees are entitled to paid further vocational training to enable them to develop the necessary skills to fulfil their work roles in the best possible way. The company continues to pay their full salary during the vocational training and, depending on the individual circumstances, also covers the cost of the training.

In 2012 employees made intensive use of these further training options: more than 627'000 paid training and further training hours were completed in total, 552'000 of which by lower-level employees and more than 75'000 by management staff of the Migros Group. In addition, around 36'000 hours were used for e-learning programmes.

The Migros companies invested around CHF 40 million in the further training of its staff (not including salary payments during further training or other absence-related costs).

Training hours during working time in 2012*

 Total hours 2012Hours per person
Management staff75'20014.4

* Training by means of e-learning not included


Private further training

Migros supports employees who dedicate their free time to advancing their career: the company contributes towards the cost of attending courses and classes at the Migros Club School, one of the leading providers of adult training and education.