01 ––
From West Africa to Buchs – the sustainable journey of cocoa beans to Chocolat Frey
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02 ––
100% UTZ-certified cocoa at Chocolat Frey – just one example of how Migros leads the way
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03 ––
Riseria Taverne and Risoletto's rice – careful selection of suppliers and meticulous production
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04 ––
Risoletto comes from
the chocolate heart of
Migros Industry
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05 ––
Quality assurance for
food and consumer
goods – Migros' Swiss Quality Testing Services
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06 ––
94 276 employees from
152 countries – dedicated
to Risoletto and much more
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07 ––
Risoletto passes through many female fingers –
the backbone of Migros
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08 ––
Taking the bitter with
the sweet – one of
3500 trainees at Migros
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09 ––
Just like magic – why Risoletto never runs out
in more than 700 Migros stores and branches
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10 ––
Blind tasting session
with insiders – Risoletto
at the FMC's Assembly
of Delegates
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The Board of Directors works in liaison with a number of permanent committees. Except in the Retail Committee, the members of these specialist bodies are predominantly – or exclusively – external, independent members of the Board of Directors who have an appropriate background and can contribute their specific specialist knowledge. The committees are:

Human Resources and Remuneration Committee

The Human Resources and Remuneration Committee has a nomination and compensation function. It is responsible for ensuring that persons appointed to the Executive Board are the best available by assessing the selection of candidates and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for their decision. This committee also supports the Board of Directors in selecting the board members of FMC subsidiaries and in fixing the appropriate remuneration of these organs, the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. Where there is a conflict of interest, the members concerned do not participate. The committee consists only of external, independent members. Six meetings were held in 2013.

Andrea Broggini (Chairman; external, independent)
Doris Aebi (external, independent), Jean-René Germanier (external, independent)

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee supports the Board of Directors in supervising the work of the auditors by liaising directly with external and internal auditors. In performing its duties, the Audit Committee has unrestricted access to the management of all group companies and their business records and documents. The Audit Committee operates in accordance with the rules of Best Practice, which are observed by large Swiss business enterprises. The Committee reports regularly to the Board of Directors about the results of its inspections and proposes appropriate measures when necessary. The Audit Committee consists only of external, independent members; it held four meetings in 2013.

Roger Baillod (Chairman; external, independent)
Dominique Biedermann (external, independent), Paola Ghillani (external, independent), Hans A. Wüthrich (external, independent)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews large investment projects and proposals for the acquisition and sale of businesses or business units of the FMC and its subsidiaries, basing its deliberations on financial planning and the particular terms of reference, as well as their strategic conformity, and ensures that the relevant financial resources are properly deployed. In 2013 the Finance Committee met four times.

Ursula Schoepfer (Chairwoman; external, independent))
Lorenzo Emma (internal), Thomas Rudolph (external, independent), Marc Schaefer (internal), Heinz Winzeler (external, independent)

Migros Retail Committee (ADH)

The Migros Retail Committee (ADH) deals with all matters that are relevant to the retail business under the Migros brand – the «orange M», especially merchandising and retail strategies, and makes the relevant applications to the Board of Directors. The Committee formulates binding procedural plans, priorities and activities for the implementation of the budget. It is also responsible for supervising and controlling budgets and introduces appropriate measures when there are deviations from these.

In addition to the Chairman, the Migros Retail Committee (MRC) includes the ten managing directors of the Cooperatives as well as the members of the Executive Board (no voting rights). Only having external members on the Migros Retail Committee (MRC) recognises the fact that the committee is responsible for preparing the Cooperative Retailing strategy for the Board of Directors as well as performing operational tasks which help coordinate the core business. Close coordination of the core business is essential. The 17 members met seven times in 2013.

Herbert Bolliger (Chairman, internal)
Max Alter, Christian Biland, Lorenzo Emma, Jürg Blunschi, Stefano Patrignani, Marc Schaefer, Guy Vibourel, Felix Meyer, Beat Zahnd, Marcelle Junod (all internal)
Plus: six members of the Executive Board (no voting rights, all internal)