Overview of Migros

Business Model & Business Units

Migros is focused on improving the quality of life of its customers. All Migros companies are obliged to base their actions on this guiding principle.

The Migros Group is a diversified and vertically integrated group of companies with retail as the core business. With its consumer and service products, it covers the everyday needs of all sections of society.

The Group is divided into five strategic business units:

  • Cooperative Retailing represents the core business. It consists of the activities of the ten regional Migros Cooperatives. These operate the super/hypermarkets under the Migros brand, the specialist markets Do it + Garden, Melectronics, Micasa, SportXX, the Swiss Obi DIY stores and the Alnatura format in Switzerland, as well as the leisure facilities, fitness centres, restaurants and take-aways, and the Club Schools. It also includes the marketing activities of the FMC and the activities of Medbase in the health sector.
  • The strategic business unit Commerce covers all other retail formats that are not operated by the Cooperatives. These include the online retailer Digitec Galaxus, the discounter Denner, the specialist markets of Ex Libris, the energy company Migrol and the Migrolino convenience stores.
  • The industrial companies of the strategic business unit Industry & Wholesaling fulfil a dual role: first, they develop and manufacture innovative own-brand products for Migros that offer Swiss quality at fair prices; second, they sell products and services to third-party customers in Switzerland and abroad. The business unit also includes the operations of Saviva, which supplies business customers in the food services industry.
  • The strategic business units Financial Services and Travel offer further options and services for Migros customers.
  • In addition, the Migros Group also includes entities that provide services for all areas, such as the national distribution centres, Migros IT Services and the SQTS test laboratory, and corporate functions that handle interdisciplinary tasks, such as in the areas of Finance, HR, organisational development and compliance.