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Migros is committed to promoting health and encouraging active pastimes. It operates more than 430 fitness facilities, golf courses and health centres, and sponsors numerous sports events.

Fitness, leisure & public sport

Migros Fitness enhanced its leading position in the fitness and wellness sector. At the end of 2019, its attractive portfolio comprised 134 fitness facilities throughout Switzerland (2018: 122).

In the reporting year, Migros Aare launched the Migros Fitnessclub brand, which offers value for money with a modular pricing structure. The eleven existing Flower Power fitness centres were integrated into the new brand.

Migros is the leader of the Swiss fitness market.

With a total of 210 holes, Migros is also Switzerland's leading provider of public golf courses. The Migros GolfCard continues to be popular and is held by 19'324 independent golfers. In addition, the Migros GolfCard is now a regular member of Swiss Golf.

Four public parks provide a pleasant place to relax: Park im Grüene (Rüschlikon), Park im Grünen (Münchenstein), Parc Pré Vert (Signal de Bougy) and Gurten-Park im Grünen (Berne). Monte Generoso with the new "Fiore di Pietra" is an attractive excursion destination with a conference infrastructure and dining facilities.


In 2019, Migros reached a broad section of the population with its sponsorship activities. The highlight was the Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF) in Zug, which was Switzerland's biggest sporting event, attracting 420'000 visitors. In addition to its involvement as the "Königspartner" (royal partner), Migros also helped with the logistics and provided catering services.