Overview of Migros

Own-Brand Products & Labels

Migros stocks more than 220 own-brands in the food, near-food and non-food areas. As the core of the Migros range, these are actively promoted and refined. In 2019, Migros launched 900 new own-brand products on the market.

In 2019, own-brands made up more than 50% of the Migros range, with more than 220 products stocked.

Migros has a long tradition of producing its own products, dating back to 1928, when founder Gottlieb Duttweiler acquired the company Alkoholfreie Weine AG, Meilen. Today, Migros Industry (including Wholesaling) comprises 33 companies (23 in Switzerland and ten abroad).

As the core of Migros' product range, own-brand products are actively promoted and refined. In 2019, 900 food, near-food and non-food products were launched on the market. 14'093 employees in Migros' industrial companies play a part in creating these Swiss-quality products, from development through to production.


In 2019, Migros again made a commitment to promoting sustainable consumption and a healthy lifestyle. As part of its efforts, it systematically enhanced its range of label products.


After TerraSuisse, Migros Bio is the second highest-selling sustainability label. In 2019, sales of TerraSuisse-certified products amounted to CHF 729 million (-2.0% in comparison to previous year).

Migros Bio

Migros offers more than 6'300 organic-quality food products (including Alnatura supermarkets). The Alnatura brand was again expanded further in 2019.

Aus der Region. Für die Region.

More than 10'000 products sold under the "Aus der Region. Für die Region." (From the region. For the region.) programme prove Migros' strong commitment to the regional economy.


In the health segment, a total of 177 products with the aha! quality label for people with allergies and intolerances could be found on Migros shelves at the end of 2019.