Migros – a more eco-friendly life every day

Sustainability is deeply embedded in Migros' DNA. Responsibility and credibility are among its core values – in all areas, not just when it comes to the environment. The Migros Annual Report 2019 puts a visual spotlight on the company's environmental commitment.

From the procurement of raw materials to the production, transport and sale of its products, Migros is committed to acting in a socially responsible and resource-saving way – fully in line with the Migros vision of "a better life every day".

Under the heading "Migros – a more eco-friendly life every day", the Migros Annual Report 2019 puts the spotlight on those areas of sustainability experienced by its customers and to which they can contribute with their own eco-friendly behaviour: climate protection, waste prevention and reduction, and biodiversity.

For the photographic report, photographer Daniel Winkler captured impressions along Migros' entire value added chain that document responsible production, consumption and recycling. In M-Industry, in operating centres and plus-energy branches, at home and at recycling stations, the camera captures diverse moments of eco-friendly behaviour, in direct and natural shots.

Operating centre, Dierikon

Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel, Bischofszell

Hotelplan, Migros City

Jowa, Gränichen

Migros City, Zurich

Migros Bank, Löwenstrasse, Zurich

Midor, Meilen

Migros Outlet, Dierikon

Plus-energy branch, Schlieren

Private households