Society & Culture

Cultural & Social Affairs

In 2019, Migros Culture Percentage and the Engagement Migros development fund invested in the promotion of young talent, social cohesion and the circular economy, among other projects.

Migros Culture Percentage

Under the title "Ouvertüre", the Migros Culture Percentage Classics launched a new support initiative for talented young musicians and singers in the 2019/2020 season. The audience decides who will perform as a soloist with an orchestra at the Migros Culture Percentage Classics in the following year.

In the nationally and internationally acclaimed group exhibition "United by AIDS" in 2019, the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art highlighted the relationship that has existed between visual arts and HIV/AIDS since the 1980s.

The study "Elderly people’s freely disposable income in Switzerland", in which Migros Culture Percentage participated, stimulated public debate on poverty in old age. With the creation of the network Caring Communities Schweiz and the new programme, Migros increased its commitment to social cohesion in Switzerland.

Engagement Migros

The Engagement Migros development fund supported a total of 62 projects in 2019, 12 of which were newly scouted and launched. Several of the new projects focused on environmental protection in the categories of "circular economy", "mobility" and "collaborative innovation". At the Engagement Migros impetus event "The final round! Thinking circular", politicians, activists and initiators discussed the potential of the circular economy.