Society & Culture

Migros Media

Migros has been promoting the publication and discussion of socially relevant issues since the 1930s. And it has done so successfully: the Migros magazines were again among those with the greatest reach in Switzerland in 2019.

The Communications & Media division is responsible for ensuring transparent dialogue with employees, Cooperative members and the public. It publishes the Migros magazines and Migusto, and manages activities on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and iMpuls.

The Migros magazines and Azione were read by more than 3 million people in 2019.

In 2019, Migros-Magazin (German) had a certified circulation of 1'550'818 and reached 2'291'000 readers; Migros Magazine (French) had a circulation of 504'700 and 646'000 readers.

The culinary magazine Migusto (German/French/Italian) had a certified circulation of 254'601 in 2019 and 839'000 readers. The Migusto website recorded 2.45 million visits per month.

Migros actively communicates with its community on 20 social media channels. In the reporting year, it had more than 380'000 fans on Facebook, over 116'000 followers on Twitter and also passed the 100'000 follower mark on Instagram. More than 15'000 comments per month reached the Community team via Facebook.

Migros Ticino also publishes the weekly newspaper Azione in Italian – with a circulation of 101'634 and 125'000 readers in 2019.

Sources: WEMF, Circulation Bulletin 2019; MACH Basic 2019-2; NET-Metrix Audit 2019