Customer contact: Every wish counts.

Contact with customers is of central importance for Migros. The M-Infoline, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2009, takes around 600 calls every day.

Migros places top priority on hearing what customers have to say. This was why it set up the M-Infoline for all consumers in 1999, so they can find out about products and services, make complaints or raise issues. It also answers questions and suggestions about business policy and on cultural, social and ecological commitment.

Thirty staff answer around 600 calls and e-mails every day. This is in line with previous years. We are pleased to report that the number of complaints has gone down. Three quarters of contacts were requests for information.

Customer issues are answered individually, evaluated and passed on to the relevant part of Migros. Customer feedback is the basis for continuously optimising product and service quality.

Customer reactions count

Switching M-Budget mineral water to two-litre bottles in October 2009 generated a high number of negative reactions on the M-Infoline, so Migros took what customers want seriously and started offering it in the handy 1.5 litre bottles again by mid-December.

The Migros Club Schools conducted an unusual form of customer research last summer. Creative people could ask for courses and training places in design and culture on the survey platform. Roughly 750 ideas were proposed. The best 30 were submitted to the Club School customers for assessment, and the Club School is now in the process of adapting its offering on the basis of this feedback.

Customer magazines

Migros keeps customers regularly informed through the Migros magazines and the website. The Migros magazine (“Azione” in Ticino) reports on consumer, social and environmental issues weekly in all three major language regions, and has a print run of over two million copies. A special edition in June 2009 was devoted to sustainability.

“Vivai” was launched in autumn 2009 as a magazine for well-being, health and sustainability issues, and is available to customers six times per year in all Migros Fitnessparks.
The magazine “Saisonküche” also supports sustainable living. Switzerland’s cooking magazine of the year 2009 also took part in the WWF’s Panda Zmittag campaign and provided a host of vegetarian recipes.


Migros communicates in great detail through its M-CUMULUS bonus programme, which has more than 2.5 million members. The programme had more than 300,000 customer contacts in 2009. M-CUMULUS has been awarded the GoodPriv@cy seal of approval for data protection. This is issued by SQS, the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems, and certifies that M-CUMULUS strictly observes the laws on data protection and even has internal rules which go further. An audit is conducted every year to ensure the rules are being observed. M-CUMULUS members have access to their collected shopping and personal data over the Internet at any time.