Serving society

Migros Culture Percentage contributes to social solidarity with the aim of improving quality of life in Switzerland.

It conceives and implements its own projects in socially relevant areas. This involvement supports a society that encourages individuals to actively participate in democratic processes and civil society. Focal points are the topics of migration/integration/interculturality, health, volunteering, and building bridges between generations.

Students get involved

With its national student competition, x-hoch-herz (x to the power of heart) seeks to promote and enhance the visibility of student and school volunteering. Through this initiative, school classes gain recognition for their commitment towards the community and to helping others. Activities can be social, ecological or charitable in nature. Students not only help their community, they also acquire concrete and practical experience that they can use in class. This project was launched three years ago and since then about 20'000 students have participated in the more than 300 projects launched by x to the power of heart.

Didactic language tools support healthy eating habits introduces migrants to an independent, responsible and enjoyable approach to food in their new country. Language teachers from DaZ-courses (German as a second language) can download complete teaching units with teaching aids and professional information. Launched in June 2009 has already received positive feedback from language teachers.

The association, from  A – Z

By offering important help in the form of courses, consultations and information, vitamin B supports volunteer board members of non-profit associations and foundations in their leadership challenges. In 2009, the online glossary “Der Verein von A-Z” (“The Association from A-Z”) was launched and made available to all interested parties. More than 400 keywords related to managing a non-profit organisation are listed and explained. The association glossary is supplemented with other important information, such as sample documents, similar terms, links and frequently asked questions.