Foot down – but only for climate protection

With its comprehensive climate concept and in collaboration with the WWF, Migros is making a large-scale contribution to climate protection. Thanks to a bundle of measures, in 2009 it succeeded in further reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

Protection of the climate is one of society’s pressing aims. Migros is contributing to its realisation, and is firmly committed to reducing the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gases. For the years 2008 to 2012, Migros has drawn up a radical climate protection concept that encompasses both products and operational processes. To aid its implementation, the retailer three years ago joined the WWF Climate Group.

Massive reduction

By the end of 2012, Migros wants to reduce its own internal carbon dioxide emissions by 27% compared to 2000 – for example, by optimising the energy efficiency of buildings and plants, reducing climate-damaging emissions from cooling systems, and limiting air transportation. Its industrial enterprises, stores and logistics operations are all on target, thanks to countless measures. By the end of 2009, a reduction of 23% had already been achieved.

Everyone can join in

By constantly increasing the number of its environmentally-friendly products and services, Migros is also making it easier for customers to contribute to climate protection. These products carry special labels such as climatop (since 2008) and Topten (since 2009). The switch to energy-efficient devices is especially strong in electrical appliances. Last year their number increased by 30.

Migros is also encouraging its staff to do something for the climate. On 8 December 2009, World Climate Day, for example, FMC employees took part in a climate protection campaign during work hours. They informed their colleagues about how much electricity is used in standby-mode, and installed connectors in schools to eliminate unwanted electricity consumption. In addition, last year the FMC relaunched the so-called CO2 monitor and simplified its use. On this online platform, employees can enter their own emissions and achieve personal reduction targets.