For several years now, the national collective labour agreement (N-CLA) of Migros has played a benchmark and pacesetting role for 29 sectors and markets. N-CLA 2011–2014 and CLA Travel 2011–2014, introduced on 1 January 2011, set high standards for working conditions. The 2012–2015 Globus Group CLA, which extends the rights of employees, has been in force since 1 January 2012.

N-CLA from Migros continues to set standards
Migros' national collective labour agreement (N-CLA) has stood for progressive, exemplary and responsible working conditions since 1983 and is now one of the best and largest collective labour agreements in Switzerland. It applies to around 40 companies, which employ almost 70'000 staff in total. Its standards, benefits and achievements set national benchmarks in 29 sectors and markets, and the attractive working conditions often play an exemplary and pacesetting role. To ensure it stays that way, the Migros N-CLA has been continuously enhanced in recent years and adjusted to new needs. For example, the growth of wages and salaries at Migros has exceeded that of the entire economy for many years now. The conditions of the L-CLA remain guaranteed for years to come and will continue to lead the way in the future.

CLA Travel for all Hotelplan employees
On 1 January 2011, the first collective labour agreement for the Swiss travel industry came into force in the form of CLA Travel. It was agreed by Hotelplan Suisse, Hotelplan Management and Interhome with Migros' Travel employees' association and is valid until the end of 2014. The subsidiaries BTA First Travel and Travelwindow apply the CLA terms equally, which means that the companies of the Hotelplan Group in Switzerland now have standard working conditions for the first time ever. A comprehensive participation system creates extensive possibilities for employees – not just the occupational personnel delegations – to play a part in determining the working conditions.

Collective labour agreement of Globus, Herren Globus, Interio and Office World
With the renewal of the collective labour agreement from 1 January 2012, employees are guaranteed progressive working conditions for a further four years. This collective labour agreement sets the tone in family policy, further training, occupational health management and social partnership; it now also governs the protection of whistleblowers as well as extracurricular youth work. With the employees' association ghio, founded in 2011, employees were given more and better options to participate. The employees' association is a social partner for CLA negotiations, especially those relating to wage policy. The CLA of the Globus Group remains the only exclusive collective labour agreement in the department store sector, clothing retailing, stationery retailing and the furniture and interior decorating sector.