Climate-friendly products: Eye-catching labels

Since 2009, particularly energy-efficient appliances sold by Migros have carried the Topten label. Thus, customers can see in-store which fridge, vacuum cleaner or television is best for the environment. The Migros range already includes 30 such energy-savers, and the number is increasing all the time.

In 2009, Migros was the first national company to apply the Topten label to its range, its appliances having long been listed on the independent online search tool This website lists the most energy-efficient products offered by various manufacturers.

Award-winning energy-savers

The experts at Topten, an initiative by the Swiss Agency for Energy Efficiency, analyze devices and list the best-performing ten percent for each category. Now Topten is not only available online but also as a sales label, in use at Migros markets since spring 2009. 30 Melectronics devices currently carry the new logo, and the number is increasing all the time. Migros is carrying out pioneering work in this field, and enabling energy-aware customers to choose the right, environmentally-friendly products.

Award-winning climate champions

At Migros, non-electronic products also carry labels, so that customers can buy them with a clear conscience, with especially environmentally-friendly products carrying the CO2 label.

To be a CO2-Champion, a product must pass a rigorous test. The test is carried out according to internationally-recognised standards by the independent organisation climatop. Products that, in the period between manufacture, distribution and disposal, generate at least 20 percent less climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) than comparable products qualify as CO2-Champions, and can carry the “CO2 approved by climatop” label.

Migros began awarding CO2-Champion status to products in 2008. In 2009 the label was awarded to such wide-ranging products as asparagus, cat litter, kitchen paper, batteries and chopping boards.

Migros’ range of detergents also became more sustainable last year. After initial testing in 2008, various detergents were improved, and others considered too environmentally-damaging were withdrawn altogether. The heavy-duty detergents Total Classic, Total Concentré, Total MiniMax, and Elan Total Tabs, and the colour detergents Total MiniMax Color and Total Tabs Color were labelled CO2-Champions for the first time. The product tests showed that all Migros CO2-Champion detergents achieve very good results at low dosages and at a washing temperature of just 20 degrees. Thus, they stand out from conventional detergents and protect the environment.

The number of Migros products awarded CO2-Champion status has now reached 104. Migros is consequently enabling its customers to live in a more environmentally-friendly and resource-saving manner.