Product safety: ... control is better

Migros only stocks products that are absolutely safe  to human beings, animals and the environment, as verified through random testing on the company's behalf.

Migros wants to offer products that are safe to make, consume, use and dispose of. The retailer stays firmly on the safe side, only stocking items that at least satisfy the technical standards and the legal requirements. In other matters, such as additives (E numbers), Migros acts according to the motto "as little as possible, as much as necessary". In this spirit, Migros does not sell any genetically modified foods that are subject to declaration.

To guarantee the safety of its foods, Migros abides by the internationally accepted Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). All domestic and foreign Migros suppliers of processed foods are certified according to a standard recognised by the GFSI, as are the company's own industrial enterprises. For very small regional suppliers such as fishermen and cheese dairies, Migros carries out selective inspections.

Quality assurance

New products are tested by the Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS) according to the risks involved. SQTS is a quality assurance institute and belongs to the Migros Group. It tests new products according to the risks involved and retests them on a random basis. If effects then emerge, improvement measures are considered and carried out if necessary. In 2009 Migros performed a total of 10,592 product analyses; there were also several recalls. The policy of open communication received some positive comments in the media.

Dealing with nano products

Migros is currently paying special attention to the so-called nanoproducts that are to be found in, for example, sun creams, cleaning agents and impregnations. As there are still as yet no legal provisions applicable to nanotechnology. Migros has undertaken to follow the code of conduct drawn up jointly with Retail Trade Switzerland. For example, Migros subjects nanoproducts to a thorough offer sample test estimating both acceptability and risk.