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Migros Group remains on a growth trajectory

Migros Annual Report 2021

Migros has grown its online sales by 67% in the past five years
Review of the Year: Interview with Ursula Nold and Fabrice Zumbrunnen

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Social commitment bundled

Social and cultural commitment are in Migros’ DNA. In 2021, it combined and communicated the initiatives of Migros Culture Percentage, the Migros Pioneer Fund and the Migros Aid Fund under one name: "Migros Commitment".

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Significant increase in online sales

In 2021, the Migros Group’s online retail sales rose by 15.5% to CHF 3.242 billion, due in particular to Migros Online and Digitec Galaxus. With its online platforms, Migros is the undisputed number one in Swiss online retail.

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Greater commitment to sustainability

In 2021, Migros adopted ambitious climate targets that are compatible with the Paris Agreement. It also launched new services to simplify sustainable shopping, such as M-Check for Migros’ own-brand products.

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Migros Group financial report and consolidated financial statements
Migros had around 2.3 million Cooperative members in 2021.
49.2% of Migros employees worked part time in 2021.
Migros stepped up its activities in the health sector in 2021.
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