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Organisation & Structure

The Federation of Migros Cooperatives is a cooperative association as defined by Art. 921 et seq. OR. Together with the affiliated regional Cooperatives, the companies that belong to them and the foundations, it makes up the Migros Community, or simply Migros.

Legal form & mission

The Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC) coordinates the activities of Migros, determines its strategy and represents the Migros Community to the outside world. As a Migros service provider, it is responsible for covering the needs of the regional Cooperatives through a system of combined purchasing and production, as well as by establishing or acquiring participatory interests and subsidiary companies of all kinds.

The organs of the FMC are the Assembly of Delegates, the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and the Board of Control.

Cooperative capital – distribution & liability

Regional cooperative


Migros Cooperative Zurich (MCZ)


Migros Cooperative Aare (MCAA)


Migros Cooperative Eastern Switzerland (MCES)


Migros Cooperative Basel (MCBS)


Migros Cooperative Geneva (MCGE)


Migros Cooperative Vaud (MCVD)


Migros Cooperative Lucerne (MCLU)


Migros Cooperative Neuchâtel-Fribourg (MCNE-FR)


Migros Cooperative Ticino (MCTI)


Migros Cooperative Valais (MCVS)


In accordance with the statutes, the shares that do not represent participation certificates are underwritten on the basis of the annual retail sales. The number of shares acquired by the Cooperatives is based on the conditions in 1957. As it was no longer necessary to issue new shares to raise finance for the FMC, and because the voting rights are exercised independently of the share distribution, the Board of Directors decided not to change anything and has retained the original distribution from 1957.

Liability for the obligations of the FMC is limited to its assets.

Migros Aare
Migros Aare

Chairman of the Board of Directors Thomas Aebersold

Managing Director Anton Gaeumann (until 15.11.2021), Reto Sopranetti (ad interim, since 16.11.2021)

Employees 11’301 (–2.45%)

Cooperative members 538’159 (+1.18%)

Sales CHF 3’340 million (–1.4%)

Migros Basel
Migros Basel

Chairman of the Board of Directors Werner Krättli

Managing Director Anita Weckherlin (since 01.12.2021), Werner Krättli (ad interim), Stefano Patrignani (until 31.03.2021)

Employees 3’309 (–1.31%)

Cooperative members 169’388 (–0.53%)

Sales CHF 975 million (–0.8%)

Migros Geneva
Migros Geneva

Chairman of the Board of Directors Frédéric Berney

Managing Director Philippe Echenard

Employees 2’818 (–6.79%)

Cooperative members 133’501 (–0.49%)

Sales CHF 903 million (–4.8%)

Migros Lucerne
Migros Lucerne

Chairman of the Board of Directors Felix Meyer

Managing Director Guido Rast

Employees 5’853 (+0.28%)

Cooperative members 204’623 (+1.08%)

Sales CHF 1’520 million (+0.3%)

Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg
Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg

Chairman of the Board of Directors Thierry Grosjean

Managing Director Jean-Marc Bovay

Employees 2’333 (–4.09%)

Cooperative members 127’001 (+0.28%)

Sales CHF 732 million (–2.1%)

Migros Eastern Switzerland
Migros Eastern Switzerland

Chairman of the Board of Directors Leo Staub

Managing Director Peter Diethelm

Employees 9’013 (–4.58%)

Cooperative members 424’965 (+0.26%)

Sales CHF 2’458 million (–0.3%)

Migros Ticino
Migros Ticino

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors Monica Duca Widmer

Managing Director Lorenzo Emma (until 30.11.2021), Mattia Keller (since 01.12.2021)

Employees 1’450 (–1.58%)

Cooperative members 104’160 (+1.88%)

Sales CHF 509 million (+1.1%)

Migros Vaud
Migros Vaud

Chairman of the Board of Directors Patrice Lambelet

Managing Director Anton Chatelan

Employees 3’250 (+0.39%)

Cooperative members 160’548 (+1.24%)

Sales CHF 1’141 million (+0.0%)

Migros Valais
Migros Valais

Chairman of the Board of Directors Bernard Monnet

Managing Director Max Alter

Employees 1’763 (–5.45%)

Cooperative members 83’522 (+0.79%)

Sales CHF 487 million (–2.6%)

Migros Zurich
Migros Zurich

Chairman of the Board of Directors Christian Biland

Managing Director Jörg Blunschi

Employees 9’071 (–0.88%)

Cooperative members 335’894 (+0.20%)

Sales CHF 2’600 million (–1.6%)

Organisational chart
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