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About Migros

Group strategy

Migros is recognised by its customers, its employees and the general public as the leading company for improving quality of life.

Migros’ products and services are oriented to everyday needs. Its range is directed at all sections of society and their specific needs for a better quality of life.


The strategy is formulated by the Executive Board on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC) and approved by the latter.

The Migros Group is a diversified and vertically integrated group of companies with retail as the core business. The Migros Group’s business entities act as independent businesses as far as possible, with clear objectives and roles. They are grouped into consumption categories according to their strategic focus (nutrition & enjoyment; health & well-being; lifestyle & home; payment, investment & financing).

Strategic initiatives create potential for added value and synergies, which can be implemented through a joint, integrative effort.

The mission statement is the core component of the strategy and consists of three elements: vision, values and raison d’être.




The vision has four dimensions:

  • Consistent customer orientation: The Migros Group focuses consistently on meeting the needs of its customers.
  • Social commitment: The Migros Group sets the benchmark for social commitment in Switzerland.
  • Common focus: The Migros Group has an overriding strategic focus to which all activities are aligned.
  • Corporate ecosystem: The Migros Group and its companies are structured in a way that ensures long-term profitability for the Group.


Three core values determine how Migros employees work with customers and each other:

  • Community: We are close. Close to our customers – we consider things from their perspective. We are close to our partners and in constant dialogue with them. And we make a sustained contribution to the development of the Swiss economy.
  • Responsibility: We make a difference. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers, improving quality of life and fulfilling our responsibilities towards society.
  • Pioneering spirit: Migros innovates and creates – with new, distinctive products and services, innovative business models, and modern and attractive working conditions for our employees.

Raison d’être

“We are committed each day to improving society and people’s quality of life.”

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