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Migros Industrie

In 2022, Migros Industrie generated sales of CHF 5.779 billion (+0.5 %) in a challenging market environment. Growth was driven mainly by the expansion abroad.

With its industrial companies, Migros is one of the world’s biggest producers of own-brand products. It also supplies its products and services to numerous third-party customers in Switzerland and abroad. Sales of Migros Industrie grew by 0.5 % thanks to the expansion of the foreign business and the recovery of the hospitality business in Switzerland.

An important milestone was the launch of the innovative coffee system CoffeeB.

Higher raw material and energy prices

2022 was marked by a sharp increase in raw material and energy prices, as well as supply shortages, which were successfully managed. Collaboration within the Migros Group was stepped up with the programme “Winning Together”. Representatives of the Cooperatives, the Federation of Migros Cooperatives and Migros Industrie committed to optimising costs and processes along the entire value chain. These measures were able to offset a significant part of the cost increases and thus keep prices for customers as low as possible.

An important milestone was the launch of the innovative coffee system CoffeeB. The balls of pressed coffee are fully garden-compostable and do not produce any aluminium or plastic waste.

Sales in Switzerland fell by –0.6 % to CHF 4’753 million after a normalisation of the pandemic-related effects in the previous years. As expected, the lifting of restrictions led to lower sales in in-store retailing. These effects were partially cushioned by the recovery in the hospitality and wholesale businesses.

+6.3 %

growth in international business in the reporting year.

International market position enhanced

The international business grew by 6.3 % to CHF 1’026 million in the reporting year. This was driven mainly by the acquisition of new distributors in Delica’s coffee and chocolate export business, the takeover of the US beauty products company Marq Labs, and further encouraging growth of the Mibelle subsidiary Gowoonsesang in South Korea.

237 million

was invested by Migros Industrie, in particular in Switzerland as a centre of industry (in CHF).

Investment in Switzerland as a centre of industry

In the reporting year, Migros Industrie invested about CHF 237 million, in particular in Switzerland as a centre of industry. As in previous years, the focus was on automating and digitalising processes to increase productivity, as well as investing in the area of sustainability to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Migros Industrie employed an average of 13’321 people in 2022. As a committed trainer, it trained a total of 513 apprentices in more than 30 occupations.

Financial results Migros Industrie

in CHF million



Change in %

Net revenue from goods and services sold



0.5 %

Other operating income



36.2 %

Total income



0.9 %

Earnings before financial income and taxes



–93.3 %

Segment assets




Investments in long-term assets








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