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Migros systematically invests in future-oriented technological solutions. The main focus is on digitalising the business units, transforming the supply chain and positioning the company as an attractive tech employer.

To build the future of Migros, modern digital foundations are needed. The Migros Group has paved the way for this: over the next few years, Cooperative Retailing will be made even fitter for the future with innovative technological solutions.

With the EIGER programme, Migros is standardising its processes in order to meet customer requirements more effectively and efficiently.

Digitalisation of the Migros Community

Digitalisation has become a central enabler in all business units of the Migros Community. Accordingly, the companies are preparing for the future together by modernising the digital core, reducing the complexity that has grown over time in the IT architecture, making greater use of synergies and developing key factors for the future.

Migros has launched various initiatives to achieve this. Through the EIGER programme, Migros is completely renewing the digital core. The aim is to standardise as many processes as possible and thereby meet customer requirements more effectively and efficiently. In addition, the topic of sustainability will be communicated in a much more tangible way. In future, Migros wants its customers to be able to see in-store where products come from, who planted and harvested them, how they were brought to Switzerland and their ecological footprint. This will be done by mapping the products in the virtual world as a “digital twin”, which customers can then consult online while shopping.

Secure and ecological supply chain

Alongside digitalisation, Migros is also focusing on the transformation of the supply chain. Through simplification and automation, it is pooling its competencies and strengthening its logistics. A distribution logistics system with 400’000 pallet spaces was established, which will enable it to cover complex market and customer needs in future. With the commissioning of the systems and the high-bay racking warehouse in Neuendorf (Solothurn), the Logistics 4.0 project was concluded in the reporting year, representing another important step in the transformation.

Migros also supports the development of innovative and environmentally friendly logistics solutions throughout Switzerland with its extensive expertise across all process stages of the supply chain. Migros sent around 110’000 consignments by rail in the reporting year. Its rail strategy allows it to create the basis for further optimal use of rail transport for current and future delivery of goods.


technology jobs at Migros

Helping to shape the future

With around 5’000 technology jobs, Migros has become one of Switzerland’s biggest and most attractive tech employers. To ensure that the transformation is successful, Migros also relies on qualified internal employees, who help to shape the future of the Group with their skills and expertise. In order to provide customers and employees with innovative technology solutions at an early stage, collaboration is based on Lean-Agile (SAFe) principles. It involves agile teams from different functions and disciplines working towards shared goals.

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