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Hotelplan Group generated sales of CHF 1’435 million, representing an increase of 122.5 % on the previous year. The Migros Group benefited from pent-up demand after the pandemic.

Hotelplan Group continued to feel the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic going into the financial year 2021/2022. However, from spring onwards, it started to benefit from the pent-up demand in the markets, particularly for holidays and business travel. The total net sales of Hotelplan Group amounted to CHF 1’435 million (previous year: CHF 645 million). This corresponds to an increase of 122.5 % compared with the previous year, and an increase of 20.8 % compared with 2019.

Mediterranean beach holidays under the Hotelplan, Migros Ferien and vtours brands were very popular with customers.

Bookings boom and record result

The financial year 2021/2022 saw a surge in bookings, in particular for beach holidays and city breaks under the Hotelplan, Migros Ferien and vtours brands. The Volume Tour Operating division generated sales of CHF 703 million, up by 123.4 % on the previous year.

Holiday home breaks with Interhome were also very popular. With sales of CHF 371 million (+34.9 % compared with previous year), the financial year 2021/2022 was the best in the Interhome Group’s 57-year history. This result was due partly to an increase in the number of managed properties and local service offices.

The British subsidiary Hotelplan UK also enjoyed a successful financial year, with sales increasing by CHF 8.3 million to CHF 180 million.

Hotelplan Group stepped up its sustainability efforts and refined its sustainability strategy.

Sustainability efforts stepped up

Hotelplan Group stepped up its sustainability efforts in the financial year 2021/2022 and refined its sustainability strategy. The company’s holistic approach to sustainability is based on three pillars: One Planet, People & Places, Responsible Business. In the reporting year, Hotelplan Group joined the association Futouris, which is committed to a future-proof, sustainable travel industry. The Migros Group also joined KlimaLink as a founding member. The association pursues the goal of uniform calculation standards for emissions throughout the travel industry.

Under the Migros Ferien brand, the portfolio was expanded with rail package holidays. For Explore, the soft adventure specialist acquired by Hotelplan UK, the carbon footprint of each trip can now be checked on the booking website. In addition, the range of internal sustainability measures was expanded with “workations” for employees and the Green Office initiative.

Financial results Travel

in CHF million



Change in %

Net revenue from goods and services sold



122.5 %

Other operating income



–23.7 %

Total income



120.4 %

Earnings before financial income and taxes



162.8 %

Segment assets




Investments in long-term assets








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