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Reporting Academy

Health & Performance

Migros offers its employees continuous support in the areas of health and safety in order to improve their wellbeing, commitment and performance.

Migros aligns its activities with the following strategic priorities: occupational health and safety, physical and mental health, and employability.

By implementing a systematic health system – the group-wide solution (GWS) M-Group – Migros protects its employees against accidents in the workplace and work-related illness. The GWS defines mandatory safety standards based on regulatory requirements and the companies’ needs. It is externally audited and recertified every five years by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO on behalf of the Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety. In addition, the Migros Group companies undergo regular internal assessments to ensure compliance with legal and company requirements. These efforts are reflected in a relatively low rate of 0.25 % for absenteeism due to occupational accidents (53 accidents per 1’000 personnel units).

Migros also takes measures above and beyond the statutory health and safety requirements to ensure a safe working environment and healthy employees.

Above-average commitment

Migros also takes measures above and beyond the statutory health and safety requirements to ensure a safe working environment and healthy employees. Thirteen Migros companies have been awarded the Friendly Work Space quality label by the Swiss Health Promotion Foundation for their efforts in the area of occupational health management (OHM). Under the own brand well@Migros, all Migros Industrie companies have committed to doing as much as possible to ensure the health and wellbeing of their employees. Migros takes numerous measures to improve the employability of its employees and managers.

The average rate of absenteeism in the reporting year stood at 5.2 % (previous year: 4.6 %). Absenteeism due to non-occupational accidents remained low at 0.55 % (134 accidents per 1’000 personnel units).

Key figures Absenteeism


Rates of ilness absenteeism





4.6 %

5.2 %

Cooperative Retailing

4.7 %

5.3 %


5.2 %

6.4 %

Migros Industry

4.6 %

5.0 %

Financial Services

2.9 %

3.2 %


1.6 %

2.4 %


2.6 %

5.4 %

Durchschnitt Kalenderjahr der monatlich erhobenen Zahlen. Grundgesamtheit sind 2021 88 % (N = 75'433) und 2022 91 % (N = 77'941) aller Mitarbeitenden in der Schweiz.


Rates of absenteeism

Rates of absenteeism






Occupational accidents



0.29 %

0.25 %

Non-occupational accidents



0.55 %

0.55 %

1 Grundgesamtheit sind 2021 91 % (N = 56’768) und 2022 87 % (N = 53’984) aller Personaleinheiten in der Schweiz.

2 Grundgesamtheit sind 2021 78 % (N = 66’728) und 2022 81 % (N = 69’631) aller Mitarbeitenden in der Schweiz.

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