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Reporting Academy

Migros Commitment

Migros makes numerous contributions to strengthening social cohesion in Switzerland. In 2023, it launched the second volunteering initiative, this time with a friendship theme.

121 million

was invested in cultural and social initiatives by Migros Culture Percentage (in CHF).

Each year, Migros contributes more than CHF 140 million towards social causes. It creates a wide range of opportunities in the areas of community, culture, education, health, technology and ethics, as well as climate and resources.

Following the success of the neighbourhood initiative in 2022, the second volunteering initiative was launched in 2023, this time with a friendship theme.

Group-wide support

In 2023, Migros Culture Percentage invested CHF 121 million in culture, society, education, leisure and the economy. The permanent institutions include the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI), Migros Club School, Ferrovia Monte Generoso, the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art and the four “im Grünen” Parks.

With the Migros Pioneer Fund, Migros extended its social commitment in 2012 to other companies of the Migros Group. In total, CHF 18 million was made available (CHF 18 million spent) in the reporting year.

The Migros Aid Fund has been supporting social and ecological development aid projects in Switzerland and worldwide since 1979. CHF 1 million is made available for this purpose each year.

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