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Reporting Academy

Training & development

Migros actively supports the continuous development of its employees. As a socially responsible employer, it helps young people to enter the job market with its specific programmes.

Vocational training

Trainees by strategic business units
1 Coop. Retailing: 2’421
2 Commerce: 184
3 Migros Industrie: 468
4 Financial Services: 73
5 Travel: 58
6 Others: 465

A group-wide and systematic talent management programme facilitates employee development and succession planning. The Migros Group also implements ongoing measures to increase the mobility of high-potential employees.

With learning opportunities in various formats, Migros encourages employees to take a proactive approach to training and development. It enables learning across departmental and company boundaries, regardless of location or time. Migros thereby improves the employability, commitment and career prospects of its employees.

A wide range of vocational professions

Migros’ commitment to training and education within society is second to none. In 2023, a total of 3’670 young people in Switzerland completed their basic training in more than 60 different occupations in the Migros Group and thereby played an active part in shaping the future of the company.

In summer 2023, 1’357 trainees started an apprenticeship and 97 % of trainees completed their apprenticeship successfully. The average rate of subsequent employment stood at 61 % in the reporting year.

The Migros Group also offers an apprenticeship preparation year with a total of 60 places. Through specific programmes, various Migros companies helped a further 150 young people with challenging circumstances to enter the job market.

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