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Facts and figures for the Migros Group’s 2023 financial year

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Sales in CHF million
32.0 billion

Group sales increased by 6.0 % in comparison with the previous year to CHF 31.953 billion.

Online sales in CHF million
4.105 billion

Online sales grew by 10.2 % to CHF 4.105 billion.

Sales by segment in %
6 segments

Cooperative Retailing: 53.3 %, Commerce: 27.5 %, Migros Industrie: 5.6 %, Financial Services: 4.0 %, Travel: 5.4 %, Other: 4.1 %

Profit in CHF million
175 million

The Migros Group’s profit came to CHF 175 million in 2023.

Investments in CHF million
1.458 billion

The Migros Group’s total investments amounted to CHF 1.458 billion in 2023.

Equity in CHF million
21.646 billion

The Migros Group’s equity amounted to CHF 21.646 billion in 2023.

Workforce/Cooperative members
Workforce Number of people (annual average)

The Migros Group employed an average of 99’175 people in 2023 (number of employees, consolidated companies in Switzerland and other countries).

Workforce/Cooperative members
Employees by gender in %
57.8 %

The proportion of female employees in 2023 was 57.8 % (previous year: 58.5 %).

Workforce/Cooperative members
Proportion of part-time employees in %
49.1 %

Of the 87’197 employees in Switzerland, about 50 % worked part time (previous year: 49.1 %).

Workforce/Cooperative members

A total of 3’670 young people completed their basic training in more than 60 different occupations in the Migros Group in 2023 (previous year: 3’754).

Workforce/Cooperative members
Number of Cooperative members as at 31.12.2023

Migros had 2’320’426 Cooperative members in 2023 (previous year: 2’307’939).

Net zero by 2050

Reduction in operations-related greenhouse gas emissions of the Migros Group compared with the reference year 2019.


More than 6’900 products with the M-Check label on the packaging for more transparency on sustainability (previous year: 4’700).

Recycling of plastic packaging
≈4’000 t

In 2023, around 4’000 tonnes of plastic was recycled from used plastic collection sacks and mixed plastic bottles (previous year: 3’700 t).

EV charging points

Number of Migros branches and Migrol locations with EV charging points.

Migros Commitment
140 million

CHF 140 million was invested in social commitment and in areas such as community, education and ethics in 2023.

Migros Culture Percentage spend by area 2023
121 million

In 2023, Migros Culture Percentage invested CHF 121 million in the areas of education (55.5 %), culture (21.7 %), leisure (9.3 %), society (7.1 %), public administration (3.5 %) and business (2.8 %).

Migros Pioneer Fund
18 million

CHF 18 million was made available for the Migros Group’s Migros Pioneer Fund in 2023 (CHF 18 million spent).

Migros Aid Fund
1 million

CHF 1 million per year has gone towards ecological development aid projects since 1979.

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