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Migros Industrie

Migros Industrie generated sales of CHF 6.004 billion in 2023 (+3.9 %). This was driven primarily by strong demand in Migros’ supermarket business.

With its industrial companies, Migros is one of the world’s biggest producers of own-brand products. Migros Industrie benefited from strong demand in Migros’ supermarket business in the reporting year, with total sales increasing by 3.9 % to CHF 6.004 billion. This growth was driven mainly by high domestic demand, which caused sales to increase by 4.9 % to CHF 4.984 billion.

+4.9 %

increase in domestic sales

Sales down slightly in international business

International business declined by 0.6 % to CHF 1.020 billion in the reporting year. The positive effect of price increases was partly offset by lower volumes and the stronger Swiss franc. The closure of a US subsidiary in the chocolate business also had a negative impact on revenue growth.

Focus on core business in Switzerland
The result was affected by write-downs and other adjustments in the international business due to changed market conditions. The adjustments pave the way for making Migros’ retail business more competitive and profitable in the coming years.

Rising raw material and energy prices were major cost drivers again in 2023. The Migros Cooperatives, the Federation of Migros Cooperatives and Migros Industrie worked together to optimise costs and processes along the entire value chain. Thanks to various cost optimisation measures, prices for consumers were kept low despite inflation.

299 million

invested by Migros Industrie, particularly in Switzerland as a centre of industry (in CHF)

Investment in Switzerland as a centre of industry
In the reporting year, Migros Industrie invested about CHF 299 million, particularly in Switzerland as a centre of industry. As in previous years, the focus was on automating and digitalising processes to increase productivity. In the area of sustainability, investments were made in order to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Migros Industrie employed an average of 13’225 employees in 2023. As a committed trainer, it trained a total of 472 apprentices in more than 30 occupations.

Financial results Migros Industrie

in CHF million



Change in %

Net revenue from goods and services sold



3.9 %

Other operating income



16.9 %

Total income



4.1 %

Earnings before financial income and taxes




Segment assets




Investments in long-term assets








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