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Reporting Academy

Review & Outlook

The Reporting Academy enables the Migros Group’s young talents to develop new formats for the annual report.

How can a company reach the next generation through its annual report?

A look behind the scenes

The Reporting Academy has formulated 12 ideas for the annual report of the future, inspired by the 15 ideals of Gottlieb and Adele Duttweiler.

The Migros Annual Report of the future should...

“... show what makes the Migros Group particularly sustainable.”
“... be easy to understand for EVERYONE.”
“... be honest and self-critical.”
“... show how the Migros Group improves quality of life.”
“... contain a personalised review of events.”
“... put a spotlight on the 2.3 million Cooperative members.”
“... show the diversity of the Migros Group.”
“... be more interactive!”
“... show the achievement of targets transparently.”
“... be more emotional and accessible.”
“... be clear, simple and concise.”
“... show what Migros is committed to supporting.”

The 12 ideas of the Reporting Academy

Reporting Academy

2023 Arlind, Cécile, Denys, Jessica, Lenny, Micha, Naxhije, Olivia, Sara, Svenja, Timm, Xaver

2022 Alba, Chiara, Gian, Keoni, Micha, Michèle, Mira, Moritz, Ilaria, Ines, Svenja, Zoe 

2021 Albin, Andrej, Giuliano, Kathrin, Mia, Seraina, Sina, Tabea, Zamira


Do you have any questions, or would you like to be part of the Reporting Academy? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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