In the most challenging market environment in recent years, the Commerce Department generated sales of CHF 7.298 billion (+3.5%) in 2015. Adjusted to reflect the sharp drop in heating oil and mineral oil prices (Migrol), sales were up by 9.3%.

Financial results Commerce

CHF million 2014 2015 Change compared to previous year
Net sales revenue from goods and services sold
Denner AG 2'912.9 2'902.1 -0.4%
Migrol AG 1'622.3 1'359.5 -16.2%
Magazine zum Globus AG 960.6 928.7 -3.3%
Digitec Galaxus AG - 498.9 -
Depot (Gries Deco Company GmbH) 464.3 456.5 -1.7%
migrolino AG 347.2 382.0 10.0%
Interio AG 187.0 181.9 -2.7%
Office World Group 179.1 179.6 0.3%
Le Shop S.A. 165.0 175.9 6.6%
Ex Libris AG 127.9 121.0 -5.4%
Dolphin France SAS (Probikeshop) 47.2 60.5 28.2%
Other companies 39.8 51.6 29.6%
Net revenue from goods and services sold 7'053.3 7'298.2 3.5%
Other operating income 54.4 75.4 38.6%
Eliminations -21.5 -19.9 -7.4%
Total income 7'086.2 7'353.7 3.8%
Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) 43.2 -31.1 -172.0%
Segment assets 1'943.7 2'191.7
Investments in long-term assets 189.8 196.2
Employees 15'224 16'220

Distribution network Commerce

Number of sites Sales area
Locations 2014 2015 2014 2015
Denner 797 793 - -
Denner branches 479 488 193'564 198'844
Denner satellites (incl. Denner Express) 318 305 -
Globus Magazine zum Globus AG 97 94 137'266 138'215
Globus department stores 1 17 18 85'567 85'022
Herren Globus 25 24 13'752 13'595
Schild AG 1 2 3 55 52 37'947 39'598
Interio (furniture shops) 11 11 43'115 43'115
Depot Switzerland 29 32 15'196 16'220
Depot (Germany and Austria) 385 427 196'464 213'814
Office World 27 28 17'769 18'511
Ex Libris 82 78 7'884 7'584
Total petrol stations 311 310 - -
Migrol Auto Service/Migrol Service 151 147 - -
Petrol stations (automated) 160 163 - -
Convenience stores (migrolino und Migrol-Shops) (151) (147) - -
Convenience stores 312 340 - -
migrolino 4 254 287 - -
Migrol shops 58 53 - -

1 incl. outlets (2 Globus, 4 Schild)

2 Seit 2015 gelten für die Schild-Filialen neue Richtlinien für die Erhebung der Flächenausmasse (die Vorjahreswerte wurden ebenfalls angepasst)

3 incl. Schild brand stores

4 These locations are divided into stand-alone migrolinos, Migrol migrolinos, Shell migrolinos, Socar migrolinos and Piccadilly migrolinos.

Business operations focused on expanding and defending the leading market positions of Denner, migrolino, Migrol, Digitec Galaxus, Depot, m-way and Sharoo. At the same time, the cross-channel business models of Le Shop, Probikeshop, OWiba (Office World and iba) and Ex Libris were consistently developed towards market and competence leadership in light of the growing importance of e-commerce. To increase the competitiveness of Globus and Interio on a sustained basis, specific measures to improve efficiency were successfully implemented.

Expansion and defence of the market position

Despite challenging market conditions, Denner was able to defend its position as Switzerland's leading discounter with only a slight 0.4% fall in sales to CHF 2'902.1 million. Footfall was up again on the previous year, primarily due to converting an additional 180 stores. Furthermore, Denner systematically passed on savings in the area of purchasing to its customers in the form of lower prices.

At migrolinothe dynamic growth trend of the past two years was continued. Sales were up by 10% to CHF 382 million. The number of migrolino locations increased to 287, due to the dynamic expansion in Ticino.

Like all petrol station operators and mineral oil dealers, Migrol was affected by the sharp drop in oil prices, with sales falling by CHF 262.8 million (-16.2%) in nominal terms. In real terms, however, sales rose by 2.7%, which meant that Migrol was able to increase its market share.

Despite a challenging non-food market environment, Digitec Galaxus, reported a double-digit increase in sales to CHF 696 million (after complete integration in Migros Group CHF 498.9 million), thereby consolidating its position as the clear online market leader.

Depot continued its successful growth trajectory, generating sales of CHF 456.5 million with a total of 450 locations and 19 new wholesale partner branches. In the local currency, Depot's sales increased by 12% to EUR 428.9 million.

In 2015, m-way strengthened its position as the market leader and a centre of excellence for electromobility, with sales up by 53%. The number of branches was increased to 29, concluding the expansion of the branch network. 80% of the Swiss population can now reach an m-way shop within 30 minutes.

Sharoo was able to build on its position as the first ever peer-to-peer vehicle-sharing platform in Switzerland by acquiring Amag as a further strategic partner and co-investor. Sharoo's innovative and pioneering approach was also recognised in the form of the Frost & Sullivan Price/Performance Leadership Award for Europe's best car-sharing concept.

Sustainable increase in competitiveness

Despite successfully completing the integration of Schild and increasing its market share, Globus’ sales were down by 3.3% to CHF 928.7 million, due to the very challenging market environment. As a result, it became necessary to introduce restructuring measures, which were completed in the second half of 2015.

Ex Libris continues to struggle in a declining and deflationary market with major structural changes and, despite a clear increase in market share, reported a 5.4% decline in sales to CHF 121.0 million. It was, however, able to strengthen its leading position in online and cross-channel retailing. In 2015, pure online sales already accounted for more than 50% of total sales.

At CHF 179.6 million, sales at OWiba were 0.3% above the previous year's total.

Due to the declining market, Interio's sales fell by 2.7% to CHF 181.9 million, although the strong growth in the online segment (32.9%) was encouraging.

The online supermarket Le Shop reported encouraging sales growth of 6.6% to CHF 175.9 million.

Probikeshop was able to increase its sales by 46.1% to CHF 56.8 million as a pure online retailer.

Investment in sustainable development

To improve competitiveness and strengthen the company’s market position on a sustained basis, investments of around CHF 196.2 million were made in the reporting year, the majority of which (CHF 174.5 million) in the Swiss market. Fulfilment of the basic social and ecological requirements is consistently encouraged and monitored by the companies of the Commerce Department.

Other commitments to environmental and energy management by the Commerce strategic business unit, along with the contributions to the Engagement Migros development fund, can be found here.  

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