As Switzerland's largest retailer, Migros is committed to protecting natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It promotes renewable energies and raises awareness of environmental issues among its customers.

Energy & Climate

In 2015, Migros opened its first plus-energy branch, which produces more electricity than it consumes over the course of a year. At the beginning of 2016, Migros was presented with the Watt d’Or award by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, in recognition of its long-standing commitment to climate protection and energy efficiency.

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Transport & Mobility

In Cooperative Retailing, Migros was again the number one for rail freight in 2015. It transported around half of its goods by rail, and the rail transport share is still growing. At the same time, it reduced the emissions of its lorries and improved the returnable containers used to transport bananas.

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Waste & Recycling

Migros collected about 300 million PET bottles in 2015 – more than any other Swiss retailer. It developed environmentally sustainable packaging and contributed towards closing materials loops. It won the Swiss Packaging Award for a spray bottle made of recycled PET.

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