Migros is committed to products produced sustainably along the entire value chain: from the cultivation and processing of raw materials through to dialogue with its customers.

Cultivation & Raw Materials

In 2015, Migros implemented the Swiss animal welfare standards for turkeys and broiler chickens in French partner companies. It also made a commitment to palm oil from sustainable sources and was one of the world's first retailers to offer UTZ-certified hazelnuts.

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Migros has changed 184 product recipes in the past two years. The improved recipes contain less sugar, salt and fat, but more fibre. For the implementation of social standards along the supply chain, Migros conducted more audits and factory visits in Asia in 2015 and trained its suppliers on how to implement the standards.

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In 2015, total sales of products with sustainability label rose by 8.4% in comparison to the previous year. Migros also introduced a veggie range for Anna's Best and expanded its range of aha!-certified products for special dietary requirements.

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