In the spirit of its founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, social responsibility is firmly anchored in Migros' corporate values. A number of commitments by Migros Culture Percentage contribute towards social cohesion in Switzerland.

Helping to shape society – promoting democracy

Associations are an important driver of social development and promote democratic involvement. With the department vitamin B – fit für den Verein, Migros Culture Percentage has been supporting associations in Switzerland for 15 years. In 2015, vitamin B offered numerous brief consultations free of charge, held 15 courses on association work and made a wide range of high-quality information available on its website in German and French. 

Impetus for generational projects

The Generations Academy, Migros Culture Percentage's network for generational projects, promotes social cohesion between people of different generations, as well as organising workshops that provide fresh impetus and encourage networking. The 2015 highlights included the events Organisation von Quartierfesten (Organisation of community festivals) and Sharity – Kultur des Teilens (Sharity – the culture of sharing).

Youth and health

The project Kebab+ by Migros Culture Percentage encourages young people to address the issues of healthy eating, everyday physical activity and valuable encounters. In 2015, 98 youth institutions submitted a project for funding. The Kebab+ Award went to the Bossons-Plaines du Loup youth association in Lausanne, for restructuring the catering operations at the youth centre.

Social dimensions of food

The Engagement Migros development fund addresses the social effects of food and food production. The supported projects break new ground in the production, processing, transportation and packaging of everyday products. For example, people living in cities can use the Farmscout app to check the farming potential of unused roof space themselves.

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