Social Partnership & CLA

Migros maintains a multi-level social partnership. Hundreds of elected staff representatives dedicate themselves to the needs of employees in numerous Migros committees – including working for progressive collective labour agreements.

The staff representatives have a seat on the boards of directors, the personnel policy committees of the Migros companies and in the National Committee of the Migros Group. As a result, the collective labour agreements (CLAs) concluded in relation to the multi-level social partnership are also the collective labour agreements of the Migros employees. The Migros Group's CLAs stand for progressive, exemplary and responsible working conditions.

Migros N-CLA

Migros' national collective labour agreement (N-CLA) has stood for family-friendly working conditions since 1983 and is now one of the best and largest collective labour agreements in Switzerland. More than 51'000 employees in some 40 companies benefit from the terms of the collective labour agreement. Its standards, benefits and achievements set national benchmarks.

Together with its social and contractual partners (the National Committee of the Migros Group, KV Schweiz, Metzgereipersonal-Verband), Migros has pledged to continue meeting its responsibilities towards employees between 2015 and 2018. The negotiations for the revision of the N-CLA for the years 2015 to 2018 focused on family policies in the interest of improving the compatibility of career and family, as well as on equal treatment of different family structures and ways of living.

The Migros N-CLA grants maternity leave of 18 weeks at full pay. Paid paternity leave amounts to three weeks, with an option for the father to take an additional two weeks unpaid. In the case of adoption, the leave granted is equivalent to paternity leave. Foster parents and carers, registered same-sex partnerships and unmarried couples have the same rights as married couples, and adopted children are treated the same as biological children. Salary negotiations take place annually under the Migros N-CLA.

CLA Travel

On 1 January 2011, the first collective labour agreement for the Swiss travel industry came into force in the form of the CLA Travel. It was agreed by Hotelplan Suisse, Hotelplan Management and Interhome with the travel employees' association and the personnel policy committees of the Hotelplan Group and ran until the end of 2014. The CLA Travel was renegotiated in 2014 and also sets high standards for working conditions in the travel industry for 2015 to 2018.

The subsidiaries BTA First Travel and Travelwindow will continue to apply the CLA terms applicable to them to ensure that all companies of the Hotelplan Group in Switzerland have the same working conditions. A comprehensive co-determination system creates wide-ranging possibilities for employees to play a part in determining the working conditions. 

CLA in globo

The CLA in globo 2016-2019 is one of the few collective labour agreements for retailing (including warehouses) in Switzerland and the only exclusive collective labour agreement in the department store sector, clothing retailing, stationery retailing and the furniture and interior decorating sector. It is applied in the companies Magazine zum Globus AG (Globus, Herren Globus, Schild), Interio AG, Depot CH AG, Office World, Iba AG and Tramondi Büro AG. The new CLA now covers Depot CH AG, Iba AG and Tramondi Büro AG as well. Like its predecessor – the CLA Globus 2012-2015 – it continues to lead the way in family policies, education and training and occupational health management.

In conjunction with the employees' association ghio, founded in 2011, employees have been given more and better options to participate. Ghio – along with the Swiss Association of Commercial Employees – remains the partner for negotiations relating to the collective labour agreements and wage policy. 

CLA coverage

In 2015 the number of employees covered by a collective labour agreement in the Migros companies was 64.1%, considerably higher than the average for the Swiss labour market (39%).


Comparison of CLA coverage Migros / Switzerland

Subordination to CLA compared Migros / Switzerland Migros Switzerland
Total CLA subordination 64.10% 39.00%

CLA coverage in Migros Group

Subordination to CLA in Migros Group Proportion
Migros N-CLA 58.40%
CLA Globus 4.40%
CLA Travel 1.30%
Not covered by CLA 35.90%

Staff participation

In 2015, the 47 personnel policy committees and delegations consisted of 385 members. As democratically elected staff representatives, 163 women and 222 men performed a key role with extensive participation rights at corporate level.

As an occupational social partner of the companies and the regional cooperatives, they represented the social and economic interests of employees in all business units. The personnel policy committees are democratically authorised and representative. They also represent the executive employees below director level, who are able to contribute their expertise to the committees accordingly.

With a share of 83.6% employees, 3.1% trainees and 13.3% executive employees, there is a broad and balanced representation in the personnel policy committees.


Functional position of the members of personnel policy committees

Functional position of the members of pers. policy committees Proportion
Management 13.30%
Employees 83.60%
Trainees 3.10%

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