Society & Culture

In the spirit of its founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, Migros makes numerous contributions to Swiss society and culture.

Migros Culture Percentage invested CHF 120.2 million in culture, education, society and leisure in 2015. The Engagement Migros development fund put CHF 10.3 million towards innovative projects. CHF 7.1 million went to aid projects and donation campaigns. Migros Sponsoring invested CHF 14.9 million in the areas of culture, leisure, sport and family.


Through Migros Culture Percentage, Migros invested CHF 29.5 million in cultural projects for a broad section of the population in 2015. At national level, the new literature promotion policy and the Arc artists' residence were launched. The Engagement Migros development fund supported innovative projects in the areas of literature and museums, while Migros Sponsoring helped hold festivals to suit every taste.

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"Education for all" has been a watchword for Migros since the 1940s. In 2015, Migros Culture Percentage allocated CHF 60.9 million to this purpose. Migros Club School carried out 8'816'686 participant hours. Eurocentres made English courses accessible to broad sections of the population in non-English-speaking countries. The researchers at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute held more than 220 presentations. The Gottlieb Duttweiler Chair developed research results that can be applied in practice.

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Migros sees clubs and societies as important drivers of social development. In 2015, the "vitamin B" centre of Migros Culture Percentage celebrated its 15-year anniversary with numerous consultations and courses on association work. The Engagement Migros development fund addressed the social effects of nutrition and supported the Farmscout app.

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Migros continued to consolidate its position in the leisure and health market by opening 40 new health-enhancing locations. The takeover of the santémed health centres created Switzerland’s largest network for basic outpatient care. In addition, 16 new gyms and spas were opened. Migros Culture Percentage invested CHF 9.1 million in leisure facilities, while Migros Sponsoring made a major commitment to leisure, sports and family.

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Aid Projects & Donations

The Migros Aid Fund donated CHF 1 million to 21 social and environmental projects run by recognised aid agencies based in Switzerland. Migros helps disadvantaged people and social groups in line with the principle of helping people to help themselves and by pursuing a sustainable approach. Migros donated CHF 7.1 million across a number of different campaigns to alleviate emergency situations in Switzerland and abroad.

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Migros Media

Migros has been promoting the publication and discussion of socially relevant issues since the 1930s. Migros Media continues this tradition today with the weekly Migros-Magazin (in two languages) and with the Saisonküche and Vivai magazines. In 2015, Migros-Magazin in German had a circulation of 1'567'892 copies and reached 2'375'000 readers, while Migros Magazine in French had a circulation of 503'615 copies and 675'000 readers.

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