Migros Media

With its media division, Migros is one of the largest publishers in Switzerland.

Migros has been promoting the publication and discussion of socially relevant issues since the 1930s. Migros' founder Gottlieb Duttweiler developed the format of newspaper supplements, with the aim of making critical opinions more accessible to a large readership. He later founded the daily and weekly newspapers Die Tat (1935) and Wir Brückenbauer (1942).

Migros Media continues this tradition today with Migros-Magazin and Migros Magazine, which are published weekly in German and French. The media division also publishes the food magazine Saisonküche and Vivai, which focuses on sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. It also plans and delivers corporate publishing services for the Migros Group in the areas of print and multimedia.  

In 2015, Migros-Magazin (German) had a circulation of 1'567'892 copies and reached 2'375'000 readers; Migros Magazine (French) had a circulation of 503'615 copies and 675'000 readers.* Saisonküche reached 725'000 readers and Vivai 980'000. Both are published in three languages (German, French, Italian) The Migros-Magazine and Saisonküche websites were each visited by around 500'000 people each month.**

Independently of Migros Media, Migros Ticino publishes the weekly newspaper Azione in Italian. With 117'000 readers and a circulation of 101'035 copies, Azione was Ticino's most widely read weekly in the reporting year.

* Source: WEMF, Circulation Bulletin 2015; MACH Basic 2015-2; Vivai Market Research Publicom July 2015
** Source: NET-Metrix Audit (monthly Ø Jan 2015 to Dec 2015)

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