Sustainability Report

Migros has a long tradition of involvement in social, environmental and community issues. The principle of sustainability constitutes the foundation of the company mission and group strategy.

The following overview makes it easier to find the different sections of the sustainability report, which is fully integrated into this online annual report.

GRI Report: PDF with the GRI Content Index

Sustainability reporting is part of the annual report. In this reporting, Migros discloses its main economic, ecological and social contributions in accordance with the GRI standard.

A PDF with the GRI Content Index contains direct links to all relevant content.

The Chairman's and CEO's Review: Promises to Generation M

Migros launched the new sustainability programme «Generation M» in 2012, increased the range of sustainable products in the reporting year and refinined the understanding of sustainability in the group strategy.

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Focus: Selected facts and figures

Complete overview of the figures for: sustainable consumption, environment, society
Complete overview of the figures for: employees

Selected key figures, diagrams and highlights – including for sustainability – can also be found in the «Focus» section.

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Group Strategy: Migros refines its understanding of sustainability

In 2012 Migros refined its understanding of sustainability in the group strategy and included «sense of responsibility» as an additional core value. Furthermore, basic social and ecological requirements apply for the entire Migros Group.

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Strategic Business Units: Sustainability in the segments

The five strategic business units (SBUs) and their joint service provider Shared Services are not just committed to economic contributions, but to social and ecological ones as well. For example, a range of basic social and ecological requirements have applied for all Migros Group companies since 2011. These ensure that all products on Migros shelves have been produced with respect for people, animals and the environment. In addition to Cooperative Retailing, the same directives are being implemented gradually in all retail and industry companies.

Specific sustainability measures in 2012 can be found in the reports of each business unit.

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Sustainability and Migros: From principles to the achievement of objectives

  • Principles of sustainability reporting: Migros' reporting takes place in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative GRI and the ten principles of global compact.
  • Sustainability management: In 2012 the retailer refined its sustainability strategy and launched the Generation M sustainability programme.
  • Progress 2012: In the reporting year, Migros set itself some ambitious objectives and communicated the degree to which these were achieved.
  • Stakeholders: Migros addresses social issues in dialogue with different stakeholders.
  • Awards: Migros won numerous awards for its efforts in the area of sustainability.
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Sustainable Consumption: 2012 measures

Migros is a founding member of the «Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil» (RSPO). Since the very beginning, it has supported the cultivation of palm oil that meets the RSPO's sustainability criteria, used it systematically and earned top marks in the WWF's palm oil rating. In 2012 a Migros delegation visited a plantation in Cambodia in order to gain a local insight into RSPO-certified production. Today, around 30% of the palm oil processed by M-Industrie already originates from this certified plantation. M-Industrie is still covering the remaining demand by buying certificates. Migros will convert fully to palm oil from sustainable plantations by 2015.

  • Sustainable range and labels: In 2012 even more label products were added to the shelves, the sales of which continued to rise, and the sustainable range was expanded.
  • Sustainable procurement: In 2012 more progress was made in the sustainable procurement of cotton, wood, palm oil and soya.
  • Manufacturing conditions: Migros requires its suppliers to observe minimum social and ecological standards.
  • Product responsibility: The quality of Migros products is rigorously checked. In addition, the company strives for maximum transparency in relation to content and origin.
  • Nutrition and exercise: Migros is constantly expanding its range of healthy products and the company promotes an active lifestyle with lots of exercise.
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Environment: Major commitment to corporate environmental protection

  • Energy and climate: In 2012 Migros approved the new climate and energy strategy and implemented numerous environmental protection measures.
  • Transport and mobility: Migros is committed to green mobility at all levels, from the transport of goods, through to business, staff and customer traffic.
  • Waste and recycling: Waste is avoided and reduced wherever possible. Migros will be extending its take-back scheme up to the end of 2013, and now also takes back plastic bottles.
  • Water and biodiversity: In 2012 progress was made in relation to biodiversity and the sparing use of water.
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Society: From cultural and social commitment to dialogue

People are the focus of Migros' varied commitments.

In addition to the unique Migros Culture Percentage and the Migros Aid Fund, the Migros Group launched «Engagement Migros» in 2012, a development fund for charitable projects.
Numerous leisure facilities and sponsoring activities also show the company's commitment to society and its quality of life. Furthermore, Migros maintains an active dialogue with its customers. The sustainability campaign «Generation M», which was launched in 2012, has been very well received.

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Collaborators : Comprehensive personnel information

As the largest private employer in Switzerland, Migros leads by example. It offers attractive employment terms, fair wages, a progressive family policy, comprehensive health management and an extensive social partnership. It also provides apprenticeship positions for 3300 apprentices and supports the training and education of its employees.

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Cooperative Governance: Responsible and targeted

Cooperative governance is an important element of the Migros culture. The proper and diligent management of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC) is one of the core responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Executive Board. As decision makers, they are aware of their economic, social and environmental responsibility to all stakeholders.

They are voluntarily guided by the specifications of the «Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance» as well as the Corporate Governance Directive of the SIX Swiss Exchange (DCG). Any deviations from these specifications are mentioned in the report.

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