Assembly of Delegates

In the reporting year, the Assembly of Delegates met three times. In addition to its normal business, various specialist presentations and discussions were on the agenda.

At its ordinary meeting in spring, the Assembly of Delegates of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives dealt with its statutory business. In addition to approval of the annual financial statements and annual report, it decided on appropriation of the profit for the year and ratified the actions of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. The Assembly of Delegates elected its President and members, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors for a further four years and confirmed the auditor for a further two years.

At the constituent assembly in September, half of the newly elected delegates were introduced to the working methods of the Assembly of Delegates. In addition, the Assembly of Delegates was constituted; i.e. members of the Office and the two working groups (Migros Aid Fund and Annual Report) were chosen.

At the autumn meeting, the Assembly of Delegates approved the regulations created by its Office concerning employee representatives on the Board of Directors of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. The main topic of the meeting was staff policy in the Migros Community.

Composition & electoral procedure

In accordance with the statutes, the Assembly of Delegates comprises a total of 111 members. A hundred delegates are elected by the regional Cooperatives on the basis of a prescribed quota. Each Cooperative is allocated at least five seats, and the remaining seats are distributed based on the number of members in the two calendar years preceding the election. In addition, each Cooperative designates an ad-hoc representative from its Board of Directors for each assembly meeting. The committee is led by an external, independent chair.

The number of delegate votes for each Cooperative is distributed as follows (elected delegates per Cooperative):

Regional cooperative Elected delegates
Migros Cooperative Aare (MCAA) 17
Migros Cooperative Eastern Switzerland (MCOS) 14
Migros Cooperative Zurich (MCZ) 12
Migros Cooperative Basel (MCBS) 9
Migros Cooperative Lucerne (MCLU) 9
Migros Cooperative Vaud (MCVD) 9
Migros Cooperative Neuchatel-Fribourg (MCNE-FR) 8
Migros Cooperative Geneva (MCGE) 8
Migros Cooperative Ticino (MCTI) 7
Migros Cooperative Valais (MCVS) 7

Working methods & powers

The Assembly of Delegates has an Office (Office of the Assembly of Delegates) and also operates the permanent working groups Migros Aid Fund and Board of Directors' Annual Report, whose duties and organisation are regulated in the organisational rules of the Assembly of Delegates and in mandates. There is also a facility for setting up ad-hoc working groups for temporary assignments.

The principal powers of the Assembly of Delegates include defining and amending the statutes, electing and dismissing members of the Board of Directors, passing resolutions on defining and amending Migros' basic business policy, taking the decision to dissolve the FMC, approving the annual report and financial statements of the FMC, deciding on appropriation of the profit for the year, ratifying the actions of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board, and selecting and appointing the Board of Control.

Assembly of Delegates (pdf, 43.51 KB)