In the spirit of its founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, social responsibility is firmly anchored in Migros' corporate values. A number of commitments contribute towards social cohesion in Switzerland as part of Migros Culture Percentage.

Tavolata – table communities

Cooking for each other, eating together, chatting – these are all things that enrich our everyday lives. Tavolata offers a local, self-organised network to bring people together at communal meals, in particular the elderly. More than 100 kick-off events and training courses have been held since the start of the project. Some 300 table communities have been established, and more than 1'000 people have made a contribution to the network. The simple concept and the active involvement of the local network and relevant partner organisations have ensured Tavolata's success throughout Switzerland.

Generational dialogue in museums

The project "GiM – Generationen im Museum" encourages interaction between different generations in Swiss museums. Since 2014, about 60 museums have held GiM events for various types of groups. These include a youth meeting with a reading club, an outdoor theatre with scouts and a meeting between a group of apprentices and the museum association. GiM promotes cultural participation and stimulates the debate about the importance of museums as social actors.

Good deeds – creative stories

The dice game roll5 was launched in 2016 to mark the ten-year anniversary of the national school project "x-hoch-herz". It combines good deeds with creative stories. Every other month, the roll5 team asks children and young people a question, for which they can then invent a short story. The story must include five words that appear on the rolled dice. The project seeks stories by and about people who do a good deed by supporting someone or something – in line with the x-hoch-herz slogan "Guets tue tuet guet!" (doing good feels good). All stories are published and the best ones are awarded a prize.

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