Health & Safety at Work

Migros has been awarded the Friendly Work Space quality label for operation of a systematic occupational health management system. The label highlights the Group's commitment to a healthy working environment and healthy employees.

Migros meets its legal responsibility to protect its employees as part of the group-wide solution (GWS) for occupational health and safety, which ensures a systematic implementation of protection for employees. It is checked continuously by qualified specialists and refined and optimised on an ongoing basis.

In addition to the statutory requirements, well being in the workplace is improved and personal health promoted as part of an occupational health management (OHM) system. This involves consideration of both working conditions and the health-related behaviour of each individual.

Migros ensures that its OHM meets the highest standards. To this end, it regularly undergoes a multi-tier qualification process to acquire or retain the national Friendly Work Space label.

17 companies of the Migros Group have already been awarded the Friendly Work Space quality seal: all ten companies from Cooperative Retailing, and seven from other business units. In 2016, Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG (MVN) confirmed its exemplary OHM as part of a successful recertification.

About three quarters of all Migros Group employees work in a company that has been awarded the Friendly Work Space label. The certification is proof of the positive advances in the Migros Group's OHM and facilitates its integration and continuous development within the Group.

Various prevention measures

In accordance with the personnel policy, systematic prevention and health promotion measures are taken within the Migros Group companies to maintain and boost working capacity.

The Migros Cooperative Lucerne, for example, launched the campaign "Deine Psyche? Kein Tabu." in 2016 to promote the mental health of its 6'000 employees. Awareness of mental well being was raised among managers and staff on courses and with the help of play-based methods. This revolved around a self-developed weekly calendar based on the concept of 10 steps for mental health.

The Migros Cooperative Eastern Switzerland held a health week in 2016. More than 250 employees took part in consultations on various health and life-related issues, as well as sports activities, relaxation courses and culinary events.

In 2016, Migros, as one of Switzerland's largest training companies, launched a project for the protection of young people at work. It helps trainees to complete their apprenticeships in a safe, healthy and comfortable environment. Specialists developed a toolbox with information and resources to raise apprentices' awareness of important aspects of their environment.

Support of sick & injured employees

A key aspect of Migros' social responsibility is the support of sick and injured employees. With the help of absenteeism and case management, employees of the Migros Group companies receive all-round care: from the early detection of illness to support with injury or illness-related absence, through to reintegration into the company.

Support discussions are held as soon as possible with those affected and relevant measures are taken quickly and in accordance with their needs. Those responsible for care both internally and externally work together closely to activate the resources needed for optimum support.

In 2016, Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG (MVN AG) and Medbase worked together to initiate a pain relief programme for employees with a musculoskeletal problem at risk of becoming chronic. This includes an interdisciplinary assessment, specific training, plus subsequent measures if required. The aim is to accompany the employee back into full-time work.

Reintegration solutions

Successful reintegration of employees into the company safeguards valuable expertise and keeps them involved in the work process. Migros therefore supports the reintegration of employees with internal or external case managers and with the help of other external bodies.

Reintegration support is also offered to disability pensioners. In 2016, Migros employed about 750 people who receive a disability pension (IV); this corresponds to 0.9% of all Migros staff in Switzerland.

In the area of workplace reintegration, Migros works together with different network partners, including a central IV contact person in French-speaking Switzerland, who is very familiar with the realities of the IV offices and the Migros companies concerned.

Thanks to the close collaboration with the IV offices and other partners, the Migros Cooperative Aare was able to open the fourth training branch in 2016, which helps disadvantaged young people to enter the working world. They complete a normal apprenticeship, receive comprehensive support from internal staff and are accompanied by external specialists from the renowned Band cooperative in Bern. The first training branch was opened in 2014, and the first apprenticeships were completed in the reporting year.

OHM integrated in the management systems

At Migros, OHM is integrated in the management systems as a strategic element and is an integral part of responsible business management. Various figures are regularly analysed and assessed; these serve as a basis for continuous improvement of OHM.


Total paid working hours

Total paid working hours 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total paid working hours (in h) 116'859'099 117'655'003 119'846'599 121'022'556 125'378'599

Working hours, leave and absence

Working hours, leave and absence 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Hours worked 81.5% 80.8% 81.1% 80.8% 80.9%
Paid leave and absence 18.5% 19.2% 18.9% 19.2% 19.1%

Health rate

Health rate 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Health rate 95.4% 95.3% 95.4% 95.1% 94.8%

Rate of absenteeism, occupational and non-occupational accidents

Rate of absenteeism, occupational and non-occupational accidents 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
OA/OI 0.24% 0.26% 0.26% 0.26% 0.27%
NOA 0.48% 0.45% 0.42% 0.43% 0.45%
Illness 3.38% 3.45% 3.38% 3.65% 3.87%

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