Focus: Health

The health of the population is important to Migros. It has demonstrated this for many years, with numerous services such as gyms and aquaparks. In 2016, it launched the iMpuls health platform and opened ten new fitness centres.

Health is an issue that is anchored in the Migros mission statement. With its fitness and spa facilities, nutritional expertise, articles in Migros media and exemplary occupational health management, Migros follows a comprehensive health strategy. Alongside 99 fitness centres, spas and aquaparks throughout Switzerland, 36 Medbase and santémed health centres offer holistic medical care, ranging from prevention and acute medicine through to rehabilitation. In 2016, Medbase stepped up its commitment in the area of prevention by acquiring Checkup Center Zürich AG.

The approximately 150 health-enhancing locations operated by Migros promote the physical, mental and social well-being and health literacy of the Swiss population. In the spirit of Migros' founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, they make an important contribution to public health and are committed to the principle of "a better quality of life for all, at the best value for money". Just recently Migros launched the iMpuls health platform, which provides tips for a healthy lifestyle and combines all Migros' offers and services relating to exercise, relaxation, nutrition and medicine.

Health will continue to play an important role at Migros going forward. For example, "iMpuls" will be systematically expanded across all business units in the coming years.

Migros presents to you five famous slam poets from Switzerland, who will address Migros' key health issues – exercise, relaxation, nutrition and medicine – in an artistic and interactive way. All artists were supported by Migros Culture Percentage.

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