As the largest private employer in Switzerland, Migros mirrors society in many ways. Migros approaches social, economic and demographic trends and challenges in an effective, active and progressive way.

Personnel Figures

In 2016, the number of Migros employees rose by 2.47% to 102'851. The company employed 87'414 people in Switzerland, of which an increasing number were in part-time positions. (More details...)

Women, Family & Career

Employed women are not just an important factor in the development of companies but also in the prosperity of society as a whole. It is impossible to imagine Migros' success without the work of women: female employees make up more than 60.0% of the workforce. (More details...)

With employees from 155 countries, Migros consciously promotes cultural diversity within the company and sees it as an opportunity.

Health & Safety at Work

Migros invests continuously in occupational health management (OHM). 17 companies have already been awarded the Friendly Work Space label. The certification serves as proof of the positive advances in the Migros Group's OHM. (More details...)

Social Partnership & CLAs

The Migros Group's collective labour agreements stand for progressive, exemplary and responsible working conditions. Migros N-CLA, CLA Travel and CLA in globo were concluded by Migros as part of the multi-level social partnership. (More details...)

Vocational Training & Personnel Development

Migros invests systematically in the professional training and development of its employees, in order to enable them to fulfil their work roles in the best possible way. In 2016, it trained 3'775 apprentices in more than 50 occupations across 40 companies. (More details...)

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