Culture, Values & Management

Economic, social and environmental responsibilities towards all stakeholders are important elements of the Migros culture. The thoughts, actions and management of the Migros Group are based on the unique cultural and ethical principles.

Thoughts and actions are formed by the normative framework of the Migros Group strategy. The primary duties of the executive staff include exemplifying the cultural and ethical values each day, basing actions on the value proposition made to all stakeholders, striving to achieve the vision "Migros – a better life every day" and actively acknowledging the common goals.

The exchange of executive staff between the different business units is encouraged.

Migros promotes executives who conduct their business successfully with a high degree of entrepreneurial self-reliance and to the benefit of the whole. Exemplifying and promoting the common values, as well as thinking and acting within the overall group concept, are prerequisites for any career within the Migros Group. The exchange of executive staff between the different business units is encouraged in order to strengthen the group identity and culture.

The decision makers within the Migros Group are aware of their economic, social and environmental responsibility towards all stakeholders. These conduct directives also reflect the will and legacy of Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler.


The values of the Migros Group encompass the following principles:

  • Basic cooperative idea: Our identity is shaped by the basic cooperative idea – this enables us to utilise the profits that are not needed to safeguard the company to improve the quality of life of our customers, employees and society. Being a cooperative also means that many interests must be in tune with each other and taken into account – in this respect, we are multifaceted, just like Switzerland with its basic federal structure.
  • Tradition and diversity: We are proud to be a Swiss company – and of our tradition and history. At the same time, we are receptive to global diversity.
  • Sustainability: We are success and performance-oriented, while being committed to sustainability. This means finding a balance between business, environmental and social demands.
  • Credibility: We are trustworthy and responsible, because we think, talk and act honestly, predictably and reliably in our business relationships. We make ourselves trustworthy by checking, and having others check, that we really deliver what we promise. We maintain an open dialogue, both internally and externally.
  • Openness: Our openness, curiosity and interests are geared towards improving the quality of life of our customers.
  • Passion: We draw inspiration from addressing their needs, and we put all our professional passion into continuously surprising and satisfying them with our new products and services.

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