Own-Brand Products & Labels

Migros stocks more than 200 own-brands in the food, near-food and non-food areas. As the core of the Migros range, these are actively promoted and refined. In 2016, Migros launched around 450 new own-brand products on the market.

When it comes to own-brand products, Switzerland leads the way in Europe, with a proportion of more than 50%. More than 200 own-brands can be found on its shelves, making it globally unique.

M-Budget, Frey and Anna's Best are Migros' biggest own-brands.

Own-brand products have a long tradition at Migros, dating back to 1928, when founder Gottlieb Duttweiler acquired the company Alkoholfreie Weine AG, Meilen. Today, M-Industry (including wholesaling) comprises 30 companies (23 in Switzerland and seven abroad).

Own-brand products form the core of Migros' product range and are actively promoted and refined. In 2016, around 450 food, near-food and non-food products were launched on the market. More than 13'113 employees in Migros' industrial companies play a part in creating these Swiss-quality products, from development through to production.

The biggest and best-known own-brands include M-Budget, Frey and Anna's Best. These are supplemented by smaller brands such as Blévita and Total.


In 2016, Migros again made a commitment to promoting sustainable consumption and a healthy lifestyle by systematically enhancing its range of label products.

Migros' sustainable label TerraSuisse is the biggest seller. For example, almost all Migros breads supplied by the industrial company JOWA are made using TerraSuisse flour. Migros offers more than 3'500 organic-quality food products. The Alnatura brand was also expanded further. The close to 9'500 products sold under the "Aus der Region. Für die Region" (From the region. For the region.) programme prove Migros' strong commitment to the regional economy.

In addition to its own labels, Migros also sells products carrying the quality seals of international organisations. These include the MSC and ASC labels for sustainable fishing and responsible breeding, as well as FSC for wood and paper products from responsibly cultivated forests. The coffee, chocolate and tea sold by Migros are certified by UTC or Fair Trade Max Havelaar.

In the area of health, Migros has increased its range of products carrying the aha! quality label by more than 30% since 2013, as part of Generation M. End of 2016, 158 certified products are now available for people with allergies or food intolerances.

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