Society & Culture

In the spirit of its founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, Migros makes numerous contributions to Swiss society and culture.

Migros Culture Percentage invested around CHF 120 million in culture, education, society and leisure in 2016. The Engagement Migros development fund put more than CHF 10 million towards innovative projects. Around CHF 8 million went to the Migros Aid Fund and donation campaigns. Migros Sponsoring invested almost CHF 24 million in the areas of culture, leisure, sport and family. 


Through Migros Culture Percentage, Migros invested almost CHF 32 million in cultural projects for a broad section of the population in 2016. The Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst celebrated its 20th anniversary. The Engagement Migros development fund supported pioneering projects in social change. (More details...)


In 2016, Migros Culture Percentage allocated CHF 60 million to the purpose of "education for all". Migros Club School carried out 8'849'345 participant hours. Eurocentres expanded its network of schools with further attractive destinations. In addition, the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute achieved international recognition with the "Public 4.0." study. (More details...)


Social cohesion is very important to Migros. In 2016, Migros Culture Percentage supported numerous projects to maintain and enhance this togetherness, such as Tavolata table communities, generational dialogue in museums, plus several integration projects as part of "contakt-citoyenneté". (More details...)


Migros works towards a better quality of life for all – at the best value for money. In 2016, it enhanced its leading position in the leisure and health market with eleven further locations, taking its total in Switzerland to 150. In addition, the new health platform iMplus was successfully launched. (More details...)

Aid Fund & donations

In 2016, the Migros Aid Fund supported 20 social and environmental projects by recognised development organisations to the tune of CHF 1 million. Migros donated a further CHF 7 million to urgent emergency relief in Switzerland and abroad. (More details...)

Migros Media

Migros has been promoting the publication and discussion of socially relevant issues since the 1930s. In 2016, the weekly publications Migros-Magazin (German), Migros Magazine (French) and Azione (Italian), along with the magazines Sasionküche and Vivai, again reached more than a million readers. (More details...)

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