Strategic Business Units 2016

Due to the division into five strategic business units and Shared Services, the management of Migros is simple and effective.

The six units are each managed by a member of the Executive Board. Cooperative Retailing is an exception here, as the regional Cooperatives are legally independent and managed only indirectly by the FMC.

Cooperative Retailing

Sales in Cooperative Retailing amounted to CHF 15.634 billion (+0.1%) in 2016. Average inflation across the Migros supermarket and hypermarket product ranges was -0.3%. Footfall increased by 0.3%. (More details...)


In a challenging market environment, the Commerce Department generated sales of CHF 7.544 billion (+3.4%) in 2016. Excluding Migrol, where prices are dependent on volatile fuel prices, sales were up by 5.3%. (More details...)

Migros considerably increased its sales of sustainable products. Customers bought CHF 2.854 billion worth of products offering ecological and/or social added value (+6.6%).

Industry & Wholesaling

In 2016, M-Industry grew by CHF 134 million to CHF 6.389 billion (+2.1%). International business recorded a pleasing increase of CHF 109 million (+16.0%). In the Swiss market, M-Industry grew by CHF 25 million (+0.5%). (More details...)

Financial Services

In a challenging environment, Migros Bank generated a profit of CHF 215 million in 2016. The 5.2% decline in sales was due primarily to the lower interest and dividend income. The performance of the investments business was encouraging. (More details...)


In the 2015/2016 financial year, the Hotelplan Group achieved sales of CHF 1.284 billion, down 1.6% on the previous year. The decline is due primarily to the challenging geopolitical events in some core destinations. (More details...)

Shared Services

The Logistics & IT Department is responsible for the national and international supply chain processes. In 2016, logistics activities focused on increasing efficiency by reducing costs. (More details...)

Strategic Business Units 2016 (pdf, 48.98 KB)