Value Added Statement

The statement of value added of Migros Group in the Retail and Industry sector shows the added value created for the society by the Group. The aim of the Group is to create a sustainable value added by striving for a future-oriented management of available resources that will safeguard the future of the business, thus secure jobs and guarantee public-sector contributions.

Retail and industry sector 1
in CHF million
2016 2015
to employees 5'600 5'438
to culture/social (culture percentage) 120 120
to lenders 41 63
to public sector 1'046 962
Taxes 172 98
Value-added taxes (net) 188 185
Customs duties/fees/fiscal charges 686 679
to the company (self-financing) 476 592
Net value added 7'283 7'175

1 Unaudited; before consolidation of transactions between the two sectors.

Personnel costs account for the lion's share of value added, at 76.9%. They increased by 3.0% in comparison to the previous year, due to the change in the scope of consolidation (in particular the additions of Ondal France, Explore and Regaldive), the expansions at Denner and Migros Eastern Switzerland as well as to the wage increase of 0% to 0.5% in Migros Group. The Retail & Industry sector has 101'344 employees (previous year: 98'871).

Contributions to Migros Culture Percentage, a voluntary commitment by Migros in the areas of culture, society, education, leisure and business, amounted to 1.7% of the value added, as in previous years. This helped make cultural and social benefits accessible to the population.

Lenders received 0.6% in the form of interest during the reporting year. The Group's unchanged sound financial situation coupled with the sustained low level of interest rates mean that this figure has fallen slightly compared to that of the previous year.

The public sector received 14.4% (previous year: 13.4%) in taxes, customs duties and fees. The public sector has therefore received higher contributions than the previous year, due to special items (including deferred taxes applied upon the restructuring of a group company) in the previous year.

The Group secures its continuation as a going concern and guarantees innovation by consistently aligning the value chain to dynamic market trends. Maintaining an adequate profit serves both to achieve this goal and to secure jobs and pass on goods and services to customers on fair terms and conditions.

Value Added Statement (pdf, 48.45 KB)