Vocational Training & Personnel Development

The Migros Group is committed to the dual training system. By training apprentices, the company invests specifically in young people. Professional development and lifelong learning are important pillars of personnel and leadership development at Migros.


Apprentices are professionally accompanied, trained and individually supported within the Migros Group. Optimum framework conditions and comprehensive, practice-oriented training prepare them for a future as independent and competent professionals.

Migros trained 3'775 apprentices in the reporting year. It offers young professionals an enormous variety, with more than 50 occupations in 40 retail, industrial, logistics and service companies. 80.0% of basic training programmes are completed with a Swiss federal certificate of proficiency, of which 4.0% receive a federal vocational diploma and 20.0% a federal vocational certificate.

Migros has had a high success rate in its qualification procedures for many years. It was 97.0% in 2016, while the average rate of subsequent employment for apprentices in the Migros Group stands at 64.0%.

New Talents

As part of the Migros Group's vocational training activities, the website new-talents.ch provides interested pupils, parents, teachers and careers advisers with information about its wide range of apprenticeship programmes, along with details of the relevant contacts within the companies. It also offers tips on trial apprenticeships and the application process. The New Talents Facebook page offers insights into the apprenticeships offered by the different companies, as well as their activities at careers fairs, project weeks and graduation parties.


Apprentices at Migros – development and workforce

Trainees at Migros – development and workforce 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Trainees 3'358 3'495 3'650 3'700 3'775

Ratio of apprentices Migros Group

Ratio of trainees Migros Group 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Migros Group 6.0% 6.1% 6.2% 6.2% 6.2%

Ratio of apprentices by Strategic Business Unit

Ratio of trainees by Strategic Business Units 2016
Cooperative Retailing 6.8%
Commerce 5.3%
Industry & Wholesaling 5.0%
Financial Services 4.0%
Travel 11.8%
Other companies 1.4%

Rate of subsequent employment

Rate of subsequent employment 2016
Cooperative Retailing 63.5%
Commerce 68.2%
Industry & Wholesaling 61.8%
Financial Services 55.0%
Travel 56.7%
Other companies 50.0%

Vocational training by Strategic Business Unit

Vocational training by strategic business unit Vocational diploma Federal certificate of proficiency Federal vocational certificate
Cooperative Retailing 2.2% 77.1% 20.7%
Commerce 2.4% 83.6% 14.0%
Industry & Wholesaling 8.4% 82.7% 8.9%
Financial Services 60.0% 40.0% 0.0%
Travel 14.2% 85.8% 0.0%
Other companies 0.0% 66.7% 33.3%

Personnel & leadership development

A career at Migros is possible in two ways: basic education combined with ongoing further training, or entry as a graduate trainee with intensive practical training. Either way, with its broad range of further training options, Migros invests in the professional training and development of its staff in specific ways.

For example, it encourages its staff to acquire certified or federally recognised qualifications and, alongside internal/external development measures and on/off job training, makes use of courses offered by Migros Club School. Further training is actively supported at renowned business schools and universities.

Vocational & private further training

Migros sees it as part of its social responsibility to enable employees to perform their role to the best of their abilities and to acquire the skills and key qualifications required to do so. Regular management meetings discuss individual development prospects that match both operational and personal requirements. Skills-oriented development measures that strengthen the employability of the individual and the company's competitiveness are then derived from these.

In 2016, the staff made intensive use of these further training options: 769'600 paid training and further training hours were completed in total, 654'695 of which by lower-level employees and more than 114'905 by management staff of the Migros Group. In addition, about 60'490 hours were used for e-learning programmes.

Migros companies invested more than CHF 45 million in the further training of staff (not including salary payments or absence-related costs).


Paid training hours during working time in 2016

in h 1 Total Per person
Employees 654'695 8.0
Management 114'905 19.7
Total 769'600 8.8

1 Training by means of e-learning not included

Migros supports employees who dedicate their free time to their personal development. It does so by contributing towards the cost of courses and classes, such as those at Migros Club School. After all, Migros believes that continuous learning pays off for both parties.

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