Environment & Commitment

Responsibility towards animals, people and the environment is firmly rooted in Migros' values. Alongside sustainable procurement and production, it invests in culture and society and maintains dialogue with numerous stakeholders.

In dialogue with Migros

As Switzerland's largest retailer and private employer, Migros is in touch with numerous stakeholder groups. The communication with stakeholders enables Migros to identify social issues at an early stage. (More details...)

Sustainability management

Social responsibility was firmly anchored in the company's values by Migros' founder Gottlieb Duttweiler.

Sustainability is an integral component of Migros' corporate activity and a part of the Migros culture. It is implemented along the entire value-added chain and takes into account economic, social and ecological objectives. (More details...)

Value added statement

The statement of value added of the Migros Group in the Retail and Industry sector indicates the added value created for society by the group. (More details...)

Migros Culture Percentage & Engagement Migros development fund

Migros makes numerous cultural and social contributions to strengthen social cohesion in Switzerland. The commitments revolve around Migros Culture Percentage and the Engagement Migros development fund. (More details...)

Environment & Commitment (pdf, 31.21 KB)