Women, Family & Career

The compatibility of career and family has always been very important to Migros. It is promoted with a broad range of measures and benefits.

The employment of women is not just an important factor in the development of companies but also in the prosperity and progress of society as a whole. It is impossible to imagine Migros' success without the work of women. After all, female employees make up more than 60.0% of the workforce. That is one of the reasons why Migros supports attempts to make work compatible with family life with a broad range of measures and benefits for families.

Thanks to various family policy measures and the continuous promotion of women, the number of women in managerial posts increased even further in 2016, despite the absence of specific guidelines or quotas. The proportion of women is 15.9% at director level, and 30.1% at executive level.

To make it easier for women to combine managerial roles with family life, Migros has been promoting relevant values and implementing various measures for many years. For example, Migros N-CLA focuses on family policies in the interests of improving the compatibility of career and family, and on the equal treatment of different family structures and ways of living.

Migros grants all mothers 18 weeks' maternity leave at full salary and thereby exceeds the legal requirements (14 weeks at 80% salary). Fathers can also take up to five weeks' paternity leave during the first year of their child's life. Three of these weeks are paid, and unpaid leave can be taken for an additional two weeks.

In the case of adoption, mothers and fathers are granted three weeks' paid leave, with an option to take an additional two weeks unpaid.

The different Migros companies offer their employees a range of other family-friendly measures and benefits.

  • For example, they generally allow management staff to work part time, subject to a minimum employment level of 50%.
  • In addition, they offer family-friendly working time models, adapt the workplace or job offers to the needs of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, and grant care leave if a child or family member becomes ill.
  • Some companies support staff with families in the form of additional family allowances, arrangement of day-care places, and financial contributions towards other family-related services.
  • The companies generally offer free and confidential social and family counselling and support with work-related and personal issues.

Women in managerial posts

Women in managerial posts 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Management 26.5% 26.7% 28.5% 29.5% 30.1%
Board 15.2% 15.5% 14.5% 17.3% 15.9%

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