Christian Trachsel – from Trainee to Branch Manager

"I was given a chance and I took it."

Christian Trachsel, Branch Manager

Whether apprenticeship or leadership development – Migros attached great importance to training and developing its staff. Christian Trachsel completed a trial apprenticeship at Migros before being taken on full-time. The sports enthusiast had actually wanted to make a career out of his hobby. But his managers quickly realised that he enjoyed performing managerial tasks. Christian now manages the Migros branch in Witikon. This is just one example of the many exciting career opportunities available at Migros.

"Our future is in the hands of our trainees, and the present is shaped by our employees. Providing both these groups with ongoing training is therefore very important to us."

Fabrice Zumbrunnen, Head of Human Resources, Cultural and Social Affairs, Leisure Department