Information Policy

Key aspects of sound contemporary corporate management are open communication and maximum transparency.

Both of these, frank communication and maximum possible transparency, are cornerstones of everything that Migros does. Migros maintains up-to-date communications with all stakeholders. Fundamental to all communications is the preservation of Migros' credibility. Where possible, employees are the first to be informed about important events. Open communication at all levels is a key element of managerial responsibility.

The official publication is the Migros-Magazin, which is provided free of charge to all Cooperative members. The magazine is published weekly in German and French, with a circulation of 1.5 million copies. In the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, "Azione" is the official publication (circulation: 100'000 copies).

In these publications, the Cooperative members and customers are also provided with news from their regions, as well as information about impending elections and ballots once a year.

Information Policy (pdf, 11.58 KB)