As a cooperative group of companies, economic success is essential for Migros. It is both a prerequisite and a guarantee for striking a balance between the value-added needed to safeguard our long-term success and that needed for our many different social and ecological commitments.

Migros' sound financial position, as reflected in the accounts, forms the basis for our broad range of economic, social and ecological activities.

Profitability and sustainability are often seen as conflicting objectives. At Migros, however, they form the foundations of a clear concept of value creation, upon which we aim to achieve our diverse goals in a balanced way.

The objectives are interrelated and mutually dependent. The adequate financial success of our business model is pivotal, as it forms the economic basis for Migros' many different ecological and social commitments. In turn, these commitments and our clear concept of value creation also have a bearing on the long-term financial success of Migros. Furthermore, Migros' healthy financial situation and economic success enable us to launch and implement projects that do not necessarily have to achieve a minimum level of profitably as long as they add value in other important ways.

Financial Report Migros Group (pdf, 549.49 KB)

Financial Report Federation of Migros Cooperatives (pdf, 110.63 KB)